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Dr. Vranjes Custom Sample Set


Discover the various flowery, marine, spicy and balsamic blends of Dr. Vranjes in the comfort of your own home with WhatSheBuys' exclusive Dr. Vranjes Custom Sample Set. Each scent comes custom packaged inside a plastic tube just big enough to allow you to experience all the wonderful scents of Dr. Vranjes.

Special offers:An exclusive sample set found only at What She Buys the cost to you is only $5 (with FREE shipping) and you will receive a $3 coupon code with your shipment. You can apply that coupon code to receive a $3 discount on your future purchase of any Dr. Vranjes full sized products sold at WhatSheBuys. So, if you make a future purchase, the Sample Set turns out to be $2.


Dr. Paolo Vranjes, a renowned perfumer from Florence, Italy, created the idea of the home diffusion system using bamboo sticks. His collection features 27 signature scents ranging from sweet florals to savory vanillas and more! Each product is designed to capture and release these essences in the most functional and beautiful way possible. Thanks to Dr. Vranjes' advanced research in aromatherapy, the company offers harmonious blends of flowery, marine, spicy and balsamic tones.

Dr. Vranjes Custom Sample Set Reviews

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Verified Buyer
By Maryann from CT from on 10/18/2013
Great option to try the scents at home! Not only does it make online shopping for fragrance possible, but you get to take your time and decide. I ordered a few collections and will be ordering a diffuser in Green Flowers. Pros: - Convenient, no shipping cost, inexpensive Cons: - I wish you could select your own group of scents to sample
Verified Buyer
Great way to select your favorite scents!
By Geralyn from Yuma, AZ from on 7/3/2013
Love, love, love the opportunity to experience numerous DV scents, prior to purchasing. Pros: - Everything! The price is so reasonable when compared to the risk of purchasing an expensive scent, that you may or may not like. It is a perfect way to wisely choose fragrances of your choice. Cons: - Nothing!
Verified Buyer
I was able to try something new at no risk
By Sachi from Dallas, TX from on 3/14/2013
I love DR V Fragrances! Now I was able to order a new fragrance and have something different during the fall. Pros: - inexpensive
easy to test new stuff
free shipping
came with coupon
Verified Buyer
Good price
By kim from , from on 2/19/2013
Such a good price for this sample set. I had such a hard time choosing a Dr. Vranjes room diffuser, but this solved my problem!