What is the ultimate test of comfy? This is what I think it is... Your husband (in my case) insists that your newborn's favorite blanket is the Fattamano you received as a gift. He insists on taking the blanket everywhere the baby goes. If he can't find it, no other blanket will do.

Your husband loves Fattamno so much if misplaced, he will turn the house upside down until he finds it. And, of course, Papa insists on carrying the baby more when the Fattamano is in play. It was his favorite blanket for our baby. That is the ultimate test of comfy.

Fattamano Is A Fluffy, High Quality, 100% Cotton Sherpa

Fattamano is very distinctive looking with its longer furry nap. You will know it when you see it and it looks comfy. Well, it's even more cozy than it looks. This is a classic and timeless look for a blanket or jacket. There is no glamour here, no fad. It's exclusive and without a lot of fanfare. Some stars (or their babies) have been seen wearing them. Like Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson and Kim Bassinger. You get ultra comfort and a distinctive and exclusive look.

Fattamano is a wonderful collection that we are thrilled to offer you. We carry the complete line of Fattamano blankets, jackets and hats for infants, children and adults. All Fattamano products are made in Germany.