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Perlier - Italian Bath & Body Products

Perlier Italian Bath and Body Care

What we love about Perlier is that they're on the leading edge of using natural ingredients to make your skin healthier. The company started out in Italy specializing in making products from the active ingredients of medicinal plants. They've been doing it for 75 years. Then 30 years ago they began producing bath & body products, incorporating natural recipes. read more

When you use Perlier products, you sense and feel that there is a medicinal quality to them. You're not just cleansing your body with the bath products, you're making your skin healthier and feel better.

Perlier is located in Turin, Italy at The Carignana Estate, built centuries ago at the foothills of the Alps amid valleys and streams. This ancient atmosphere inspires Perlier researchers, heirs to a dynasty of herbalists and pharmacists. They combine that inspiration with the latest Pharmaceutical research and technology.

What you get is high quality, functional and efficient products that address your specific body and skincare needs. You can use Perlier products to cleanse, nourish, and protect your skin. And your skin will feel so good. Plus, you will solve problems of the aging process.