PHYTO is a naturally based hair care line clinically proven to solve problems including dandruff. Unlike many other dandruff shampoos, PHYTO does not contain any detergents and actually treat the problem at hand instead of simply masking the dandruff.

Dandruff is caused by the acceleration of the scalp's renewal cycle and the increase of microbial flora (bacteria). Severe fatigue, stress, and environmental factors contribute to the spread of dandruff. PHYTO haircare products offer a solution by exfoliating the scalp eliminate dandruff flakes and soothe irritation with calming plant concentrations.

For PHYTO's solution for treating dandruff, use Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment once or twice per week before shampooing, then Phyto Phytheol Intense Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. As dandruff subsides you should alternate with Phytopanama Shampoo or Phytoapaisant Soothing Treatment Shampoo depending on your hair type. Used properly, these naturally based products are clinically proved to relieve itching 88% of the time and eliminate flaking 95% all without relying on any chemicals or other detergents.