An elegant home fragrance will present a positive impression on guests and can quickly become the signature scent of your home.

Scented candles and diffusers are the leading forms of home fragrance and we have selected Rigaud Candles and Dr. Vranjes Diffusers.

From the Rigaud candle line, the Green Cypress Candle was found burning endlessly in the Kennedy White House, and although manufactured in France, the scent became identified with Jacqueline Kennedy. Discover why Rigaud Candles are featured in luxury homes and upscale magazines around the world.

For fragrance diffusers, those produced by Dr. Vranjes Antica Officina Del Farmacista in Italy are second to none. Floral, marine, spicy and balsamic tones blend harmoniously, thanks to the unique sensitivity of Paolo Vranjes and his most advanced research in aromatherapy.

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