Lucy Ann Sterling Silver Star pendants represent achievements, making wishes and protection. Hand-stamped and hand-lettered sterling silver star pendants from Lucy Ann are a perfect way to honor that special little one in your life.

Lucy Ann Star Pendants are 1" x .95" and .05" in width (about the size of a quarter) and hand-stamped with a cute character. Characters are available for a boy, girl, two boys, two girls, boy and girl, cat and dog. Plus, your pendant can be hand-lettered with names, words or memorable dates. You can even add additional words or dates on the back (this option is not available at most other online retailers).

Lucy Ann pendants come with a round loop for placing on a sterling silver seed bead chain, key ring or toggle bracelet. Please order your bracelet, necklace or key ring separately under Lucy Ann Accessories. Lucy Ann can attach the pendant to a toggle bracelet for you (this option is not available at most other online retailers) or you can see your local jeweler.

All Lucy Ann pendants are individually cut from a top quality US manufactured sterling silver sheet, hand-stamped with your Lucy Ann character, hand-lettered, extensively tumbled, hand polished, cleaned, and steamed.

Lucy Ann are customized orders that take approximately 2-3 weeks to personalize, plus shipping time. If your special occasion is sooner, we can immediately send a Lucy Ann card that says a gift is being specially created for her/him (this option is not available at any other online retailer).