SPANX is a classic story of identifying an everyday need and developing a practical solution. From the time Sara Blakely discovered that cutting the feet out of her pantyhose would eliminate panty lines, the world of body smoothing shapewear would be changed forever! She then got a patent, opened in Neiman Marcus, got featured on "Oprah's Favorite Things" and Spanx was a fashion phenomenon.

SPANX Body Shapers - Smooth, Control, Hide, Slim & Shape

From Oprah to the "Red Carpet" to the subject of countless fashion magazines, Spanx has become a household name. By slimming and smoothing your body while not constricting or pinching, Spanx has transformed millions of bodies world wide. InStyle magazine readers voted Spanx one of "the best body-enhancing inventions ever".

From the first pair of footless pantyhose to the popular SPANX Super Power Panties Spanx continues to evolve and develop slimming undergarments, bras and apparel. Spanx collections include: Spanx Classic Hosiery with the popular Spanx Tights and Spanx Pantyhose, Spanx Body Shapers, Spanx Hide and Sleek, Spanx Slim Cognito and other life-changing SPANX apparel!