Wacoal Corporation was founded in 1946 by successful Japanese businessman Koichi Tsukamoto as Wako Shoji. This company was a trading corporation that focused primarily on sourcing and crafting high demand western-inspired jewelry for Japanese women. After noticing the increasing trend of Japanese women adopting western styles of lingerie and dress to wear along with their Wako Shoji jewelry, he began to perform extensive research in American lingerie catalogs. After realizing how lucrative the market was, Tsukamoto decided to bring it to Japan, founding the company, Wako Corp. Their first product, the bra pad, was such an immediate and shocking success among customers in Japan that the company decided to expand worldwide. Tsukamoto changed the company name to the more western "Wacoal Corp" to appeal to a larger market and went public with a full line of innovative intimate apparel. Since this initial launch, Wacoal has quickly become one of the number one sources of women’s intimate apparel around the world due to products that are renowned for their innovative yet stylish design and high level of wearability for women of all shapes and sizes. Each piece is designed to fit and flatter the feminine form, offering comfortable support where needed while enhancing a woman’s appearance and giving her a boost in self-confidence. In a world where women’s lingerie was designed for functionality rather than function or form, Wacoal was an immediate hit. In addition, Wacoal is active with women’s foundations, working directly with Susan G. Komen for breast cancer awareness. With their dedication to high quality products and assistance in advancements in women's health, Wacoal is the perfect intimate apparel choice for any woman!

Wacoal Bras And Lingerie Enhances A Woman's Figure And Self Image

Some of Wacoal's best-selling collections include Wacoal Full Figure Bras, Wacoal Sports Bras, Wacoal Convertible Bras and many more. If you're petite and are looking for a Wacoal bra to fit your body we have Petite Bras. If you're looking to complete a set, we have a selection of Wacoal Panties to match. Using only the best fabrics, delicate laces and elegant embroideries, Wacoal bra designs take months to craft and test to ensure longevity. From sizes 32AA to 44G, petite women and full-figured ladies will be able to find something that fits their body type.

On a side note, did you know that you should maintain a bra wardrobe to match the range of tops in your closet? A woman's bra wardrobe should be as well thought out as the one she wears over it. Ideally, you have 7 bra styles in your Bra Wardrobe, including:

  1. A seamed bra for maximum lift and support under heavier fabrics.
  2. A seamless bra for a smooth silhouette under fine knits and t-shirts.
  3. A contour bra for evening out, shaping and covering.
  4. A t-back bra for under sleeveless and tanks.
  5. A strapless bra for evening wear.
  6. A sexy bra for you know why.
  7. A minimizer or push up bra, depending on your size and need.

A great bra should make you feel beautiful as well as enhance your wardrobe. Wacoal strives to provide women with great fitting bras made with the finest materials in designs that flatter. To help guide you in finding the perfect fit, check out our Wacoal Bra Sizing Guide.