While we usually present one world-class brand per category, we couldn't resist the temptation of offering you a larger range of fashionable, high quality leather wallets and accessories. Abas offers impeccable quality in a larger framed wallet and Lodis has an endless range of traditional wallets in a size, color and finish to suit your sense of fashion. For couture prestige, nothing beats Longchamp leather accessories, which come in an a range of seasonal colors and leather finishes. You will find a vast array of travel, executive, and other leather accessories. These are special leather pieces and are very high quality; they'll last a long time, are highly functional - and you'll be organized and fashionable. You'll make a statement with Abas, Lodis and Longchamp wallets.

If you desire a fashion wallet or a quality executive case in an almost limitless range of colors and finishes, then Lodis and Longchamp are for you. What really makes them stand out are the attractive and unique styling of their leather pieces. You make a fashion statement when you carry a Lodis or Longchamp wallet or briefcase. They're definitely attention-getters, but after awhile, you'll become accustomed to the attention you get carrying one of their high-quality leather pieces.

Abas uses only the finest available leathers and craftsmanship to ensure quality and beauty in its leather accessories. Available in numerous styles, collections and colors you are sure to find the leather wallet that matches your personal style. Available in a wide range of leather finishes and colors, you will be impressed with the style, and quality feel. Daily use will confirm your initial impression and your smart purchase!