Frasco 6 1/2 inch Polished Brass Hand Mirror (5X)



The Frasco 6 1/2 inch 5X Brass Hand Mirror is designed a classic hand mirror form that features one side 5X magnification with the other side normal magnification. Attached is a skillfully constructed handle that allows for proper angling during the beauty application.

Frasco mirrors have been manufactured in Germany since 1920. Manufacturing designs based on decades of experience in combination with skilled craftsmanship and using only the finest brass alloys, Frasco mirrors can be found in all places where classic taste and lasting quality are given preference.

Type: Hand.

Shape: Round.

Magnification: Regular and 5x.

Dimensions (not including frame): 6 1/4" Diameter.

Handle Length: 5 3/4".

Metal Finish: Polished Brass.


For almost a century, Frasco has been the premier brand of optically correct and distortion-free mirrors. Their comittment to quality has been the key to success. Each cosmetic mirror is designed with the customer in mind and is painstakingly crafted using more than 60 manufacturing phases to ensure the highest quality product. Headquartered in Germany, Frasco's attention to detail and classic flair in design makes the company a top choice for women around the world-- because why should you settle for less?

Frasco 6 1/2 inch Polished Brass Hand Mirror (5X) Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Perfect for up close tweezes.
By Taylor from Los Angeles, CA from on 8/18/2013
This is the perfect mirror when I need to get real close to my face to tweeze little unwanted hairs.
Verified Buyer
Expensive for a brass hand mirror.
By Jess from on 2/18/2013
I wish this could magnify more. Overall, a great mirror.