Tips On Purchasing Genuine UGGs

Tips On Purchasing Genuine UGG Boots and Slippers

WhatSheBuys is a 5 star rated authorized retailer of genuine UGG products. UGG ships their products directly to us from their distribution facility in Southern California.

Unfortunately, fake UGG products are a huge problem. You want to buy genuine UGG products, not fakes.

Here are some tips on how to confirm you are buying genuine UGG products from an authorized UGG retailer:

  • Authorized retailers of genuine UGG do not discount unless the style is discontinued by UGG. If the price seems too good to be true, it's because they are fakes.
  • If the Web site has UGG in its name or url, they are fakes. UGG does not allow any other company to use the UGG name. Examples are, These are fakes.
  • Check the UGG Australia Web for a list of authorized online retailers. is on that list. Retailers are listed in alphabetical order.

Why you should buy genuine UGG from an authorized UGG retailer? This language is from the UGG Web site:

"If you purchase an UGG Australia product from a retailer that is not listed here, we cannot guarantee the authenticity, quality or performance of that product. We will not accept product for authentication if purchased from unauthorized sources, nor assist with disputes relating to such purchases."

Additionally, UGG will not honor its warranty on fake UGG products or UGG products purchased from unauthorized retailers.