Healthy Hair and Skin For Summer

Summer time is the perfect time to hit the beach and socialize with friends and family. Everyone is having a great time and there's always that girl that just seems to have that natural glow. Her hair is soft and shiny, her skin looks fresh and tan and you think to yourself, how does she do it?

If you live in hot, humid areas then you know what the weather can do to your hair and skin. Your hair can get frizzy and your skin is occasionally oily. Factors like products you use for your hair and makeup can sometimes be an enemy during those hot summer days. But caring for your hair and skin is something that shouldn't be overlooked.

Getting a routine going of washing you face daily and holding back the temptation on styling your hair with heat can get you to achieve a great, natural summer look. Following these simple tips can get you on your way to looking great for the summer.

Wear Sun Block - this factor cannot be stressed enough. The sun, especially during summer time affects you directly every day with its powerful UV rays. Don't wait until you are at the beach or by a pool to apply sun block. Sun block should be applied prior to arriving to your destination and should be worn even if you are just driving to work. Investing in two types of sun block will have better results for your skin. Such as sun block that is specifically made for your face or is water proof. Sun block with a high SPF is always best. This helps protect you from the sun and prevents future skin problems such as skin cancer. If you are looking to get tanned try self-tanners, such as the Anthony Logistics Self Tanner, that have antioxidants and peptides to keep skin looking young and fresh.

Dress Appropriately - Finding what to wear is always a problem but when choosing your wardrobe keep in mind the temperature plays a vital role when deciding what to wear. Always dress in light colors with light fabrics. This will help reduce the amount of sweat you produce and keep your body fresh; this also helps prevent future breakouts on your body. Play up your outfit with a pair of sunglasses that protects the eyes and keeps you looking great.

Keeping your hair and skin looking healthy starts from the inside first; that is drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day to keep you hydrated. Water helps clear out all your bodily impurities and cleanses your system so that your skin can produce that natural glow.

Taking supplements also helps to improve your physical appearance while also treating it from the root. You want a supplement that has all natural ingredients like those found in Phyto's Phytosolaire Dietary Supplements. Supplements that are rich in Vitamin A, which are an essential human nutrient and other nutrients are strongly recommended for the body, especially during summertime.

Go All Natural - But how? You say. Yes try to avoid wearing makeup if you can. If not, keep it light and make sure it is non-comedogenic makeup. Use a scrub to help daily and wash off all your makeup before going to bed. Always wear a moisturizer with an SPF to keep your skin moisturized.

Summertime is also the perfect excuse to not style your hair. The ambiance for summer is relaxed so why not adjust to that? Let your hair be natural by avoiding using tools that require heat. Use a spray that will have protection against UV rays when going to the beach or tie it up in bun. Try applying a root lifter to give your hair volume if that is what you are looking for.

Also use a brush, like a Mason Pearson Hair Brush, that will help detangle your hair as well as distribute the natural oils throughout the hair.

Getting into a strict regime of caring for your hair and skin will prove to have pleasant results. Treating your hair from root to tip as well as staying cool by drinking plenty of water can help improve your physical appearance. Save those curling irons, blow-dryers, and heavy makeup for special occasions and practice with natural looks that will leave you with that summer glow.

Finally, achieving healthy hair and skin isn't too far out of your reach. Following these simple tips will prove to have pleasing results and put you on your way to a having great summer look.

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Article Written - June 2, 2008.