How to Switch From Acrylics to Natural Nails Using Mavala

The following tips are based on weekly or bi-weekly manicures.

Firstly, start off with a clean slate. Make sure you have nothing on your nails including lotions, oils, nail polish or even the remainder of polish remover.

Secondly, Mavala Scientifique. (Once a week, or every time you get a manicure.) Use the nail hardener on tips of your nails only. The Mavala Scientifique is such a unique, patented product because it literally bonds the layers of nail together making them stronger. Many "nail strengthener"(s) out there are simply a layer of product applied to the surface of the nail. These generic products may give a little extra resistance, but do not make the actual nail stronger. Scientifique must be applied to the tips of your nails only to avoid bonding layers of tissue together. If you forget and apply to the whole nail it will not cause any long term harmful problems - you will just feel the slight tingling reminding you it has penetrated to your skin.

Thirdly, Mavala Nail Shield Strengthener. (Every time you have your nails done.) The Mavala Nail Shield Strengthener comes with two bottles - labeled one and two. Step one is the Nail Fibre Base, step two is the Protective Sealer. The 1st step should be applied lightly both horizontally and vertically to guard and protect against any weak spots getting irritated. Step 2 should be applied lightly from the base of your nails to the tip of your nails (like applying nail polish) in order to smooth out and seal the first step. If your nail is still rough after the first application, do a second coat of this sealer. The Nail Shield Strengthener will help for when you lose one of your acrylics or when you are first beginning the transition from acrylics to natural nails. The nail shield will do exactly that-shield your nails from outside influences. As many of you know, when one removes acrylics, the base of the nail is very sensitive to touch. If you happen to hit the side of your desk or a chair-it doesn't hurt, but it sure isn't comfortable. Think of Nail Shield as a temporary band-aid that will give you that extra layer of protection and comfort.

Fourthly, Mavala Nail Polish. (Optional) after the Nail Shield is completely dry then if you would like you can use a natural colored nail polish. It is recommended that you do not use any dark or bright nail colors as it will only draw attention to ridged, unhealthy nails. Seal and protect your manicure with Mavala Colorfix Top Coat which is great for keeping your color in place for a long time. Mavala also makes a product called Mavadry which will dry the top layer of nail polish so light brushes against things are less prone to affect or damage the manicure.

Fifthly, Mavala Nailactan. (Apply anytime.)After your manicure is completely dry (wait a few hours) apply Nailactan and massage in a circular motion at the cuticle of the nail and on the nail to stimulate growth. Nailactan can be used throughout the day every day. This will do wonders for nail growth and health. This can be applied when wearing the nail color. However, apply Nailactan twice a week directly onto bare nails for best results.

Finally, Mavala Mavaderma. (Use Every Night) Apply this at night before bedtime. Apply it to the skin below the crescent of the nail and massage with thumb gently to accelerate the penetration. Leave on until it is completely absorbed. Never apply Mavaderma before a manicure, as it will leave an oily residue which could interfere with the adherence of base coat or nail color. Mavaderma helps to speed the growth of a healthy nail to get rid of the damaged nail.

Use these tips and products and watch your nails return to their beautifully natural, healthy state in a matter of months. For your convenience all products have been combined in the Mavala Essentials For Acrylics To Natural Nails Set.

Article Written - June 27, 2008.