3 Brands That Will Give You Beautiful Healthy Hair

Many ladies (and men) worry about their hair and its condition. Is it too dry? Too oily? Bouncy enough? Or lifeless? What can you do about it? There are a few different routes you can take to improve your hair's vitality, shine, volume, smoothness, and overall health. There are some great products (whether shampoos, treatments, or brushes) being discovered everyday with new ways to do things and better ways to improve hair care. Botanical products are a tremendous help to any hair problem. Furthermore, brushes are an essential part of both the health of your scalp and the styling of your hair. There are a few of these products that anyone can get their hands on. A few of my favorite are Phyto, Mason Pearson and The Big Brush. They are all top notch companies with great quality and a lot to offer.


The PHYTO brand is so great because they have set it up to be clearly defined what is compatible with your hair type while at the same time allowing you to rotate your products so that it is still effective on your hair. PHYTO has products geared toward everything from ultra dry hair to frizzy hair to dandruff stricken hair. They have a cure for everything! Another plus to the PHYTO products is that because they have so many botanical ingredients in them, it goes straight to the source of the problem. Instead of stripping the hair of natural oils, PHYTO helps your scalp to find a balance for your hair. And instead of coating your hair with conditioner, the conditioner actually penetrates the hair strands causing it to boost the health of your hair without weighing it down.

My favorite product from PHYTO is their Phytophanare Dietary Supplements. They are packed with essential vitamins that you need to have healthy hair (and nails) and it does wonders. A while back, I started to notice that I was shedding a lot more hair than normal when I would take a shower or wake up or even on my jackets. A friend of mine heard about my concern and sent me a bottle of these pills. I tried them and immediately saw results. I would take them in the morning and the next morning my hair wasn't shedding nearly as much as it was before and my nails seemed stronger too! PHYTO really does know about beauty from the inside out.

Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson has been around for years and to this day still has a top brand name. So why do all the top hairstylists use Mason Pearson? The brush styles are the same models used from the late 1800's and they have never failed to amaze each person who uses them. Hairstylists understand that if the scalp is in poor condition then the hair in turn is going to also be in poor condition. Mason Pearson focuses directly on the stimulation and health of the scalp and bringing the oils from your scalp through your hair to improve it further. Using the pure boar bristle and the super smooth nylon for support, the results are instantaneous. Mason Pearson is definitely a treatment brush more than a styling brush.

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Article Written - November 12, 2008.