How to Avoid Purchasing Fake UGG Australia

UGG Australia has built a world-class brand by creating incredibly comfortable quality footwear that customers love. Unfortunately, as with similar great brands, there are imitators and frauds that seek to take advantage of that great brand and take advantage of consumers.

Today, there are many retailers of fake UGG products. It is very confusing and as a buyer you should assume you are dealing with a retailer of fake UGG products until proven otherwise. Remember, these outfits are crooks. They are violating laws so they have no problem stealing and lying by using stolen UGG logos and images or stating that they sell real UGG or that they get them from the same factory that makes them for UGG.

As a major authorized retailer of UGG Australia, WhatSheBuys speaks to many customers that were victims of fake UGG products they purchased elsewhere. In some cases, customers received obviously fake product and they couldn't get their money back. In other cases, they never received the goods, but their credit card was charged. And, in the worst case, their credit card was compromised. They admit that they were lured by a cheap price. In this economy it may be tempting to try to save money. However, be careful not to hand over your credit card, address and email address to someone already breaking the law.

Is UGG doing anything about this? They sure are trying. Obviously, these individuals and companies are stealing from them and their authorized retailers. It also hurts their brand image as customers may receive fake UGG products that are inferior in quality and they are disappointed with the product. These customers may not even realize that they are a victim of fraud.

How to confirm that you are buying genuine UGG products

  1. If the store sells UGG products at a discount, they are selling fakes.
    Authorized retailers of genuine UGG products do not discount. The only exception is if the style has been discontinued. If the Web site has all UGG products at a discount, they are selling fakes. Don't be lured into a cheap price. If the price seems too good to be true, it is. They sell fakes.

  2. If the Web site has "ugg" in its name or Web url, they are selling fakes.
    Authorized retailers do not use UGG in any part of their Web url. UGG has a trademark on its brand name and it does not allow others to use the word "ugg" in its store name or in its Web url. Examples of such sites would be,, There are lots and lots of them out there. They are all fakes.

  3. If the Web site is not listed on the UGG Australia site as an authorized online retailer, they are selling fakes.
    Go to This is the list of UGG authorized online retailers. If the store that you are considering is not on this list, then they are not an authorized retailer and they sell fakes. You will note on this list that you will not see stores listed that have "ugg" in their name/url (confirms tip #2 above). You will see WhatSheBuys listed as an authorized online retailer. If you are trying to confirm whether a physical store is an authorized retailer, please go to and enter the city or zip code of the store. If you enter 91108 or San Marino, you will find WhatSheBuys listed as an authorized retailer.

  4. If you use Google and the Web site uses strange spelling or formatting of "UGG", they are selling fakes.
    Although Google is trying to block some of these fake UGG Web sites, some will use tricks like displaying UGGH as U'GG, 1UGG, 0UGG, U'g'gs, etc. to avoid Google systems from tracking them.

  5. Do not buy from UGG products from eBay.
    UGG prohibits its authorized retailers from selling on eBay. If you purchase UGG products on eBay, they may be fake or unauthorized.

  6. If the Web site is based overseas, the company likely sells fakes.
    If you are in the U.S. there is no reason to take a chance and order from a Web site that is based overseas. Sometimes, this is hard to figure out. Web sites based outside the U.S. don't like to tell you that they are not U.S. based. Clues are the language and grammar that is used on the Web site. Sometimes, it just doesn't read like it's written by someone whose primary language is English. Also, if there is no U.S. based customer support number, why take a chance? You are handing over your credit card and spending a lot of money. You can also do a Whois lookup at to find out where the Web site is registered. If it's outside the U.S., stay away.

  7. If you search the Better Business Bureau Web site and there are no results or bad history, the company is not trustworthy.
    Go to and enter the Web site URL for the retailer. Established businesses will show up on the Better Business Bureau database. Many of the fake UGG retailers will not be listed because they frequently change their Web site URL as they get caught. If you search for, the BBB will display an A+ rating.

  8. If you use McAfee SiteAdvisor and the Web site has a ? mark next to it, it is not trustworthy.
    We recommend using McAfee for antivirus and web browsing protection. McAfee tests millions of Web sites and when you do a Google search, McAfee displays a green check mark (site has been tested and there are no problems) or a question mark (site hasn't been tested). Your best bet is a site that has a McAfee Secure logo next to it. That means that the site is tested daily by McAfeeto help prevent identity theft.

Why Is It A Bad Idea To Buy Fake UGG Products?

  1. You would be supporting criminal activity.
  2. You are risking your hard earned money and credit card information by giving it to criminals.
  3. UGG will not honor its warranty on fake UGG products or UGG products purchased from unauthorized retailers.

What Can You Do If You Are A Victim?

Report your incident to UGG by emailing

UGG cannot help you with any dispute resolution or replace with genuine UGG, but your information will help combat counterfeiting. UGG will locate counterfeiters and take legal action against them.

WhatSheBuys is an authorized UGG retailer, 5 Star Rated by customers and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.