The Comfort of Barefoot Dreams

Barefoot Dreams was born in 1994 by Founder Annette Cook. She set out to create a precious line of children's products that would accommodate her commitment to family. It has been said that she envisioned a collection that was both elegant and soothing to the senses. She sought out the silkiest washable satins, and coziest knits in a lovely variety of colors. Soon after, Annette married Stan and continued to develop her company in Malibu, California.

The Barefoot Dreams collection features a variety of soft, comfy and luxurious blankets, newborn, toddler and kids wear. There are also selections of grown up robes, throws and blankets. All products are washable and dryable.

Not only has the Barefoot Dreams Robe and Barefoot Dreams Throw been shown on many day time shows, but they have been featured by many celebrities. The Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks Show have shown off these lovely items which only launched the product more. One celebrity who makes her favorite products known is Oprah. In 2003, Oprah had picked Barefoot Dreams for her "Favorite Things Holiday Show." It seems that everyone is falling in love with the soft cozy feel of the Barefoot Dreams.

When watching a movie with a loved one, you want to be warm and snuggled up. The best way to make sure that happens is to own a wonderful Barefoot Dreams throw or even a twin or queen/king sized blanket. They are so warm and cuddly that you will not want to be wrapped up in anything else but that. These products feel and look so luxurious that they become a wonderful gift just for you, holidays, birthdays and more.

For Her: Many women love Barefoot Dreams because of the material and the way it makes them feel. Barefoot Dreams offers hooded robes, wraps and hoodie jackets for women as well as the grown up robe throws and blankets. The adult robe is offered in complete selections of colors and sizes in selected stores. Women love gifts and what better way to win a woman's heart by giving a gift of a robe, jacket or even slippers.

For Him: Just as much as women love these items, men do too. Wouldn't it be nice to get out of the shower and wrap yourself in a wonderful robe and put on some of the Barefoot Dreams slippers? Men also purchase the blankets and throws to put on their bed at night. Feeling comfortable, pampered and cozy comes at any age.

For Child: The children's items are definitely a wonderful gift for a baby shower, birthday or any special holiday. Barefoot Dreams collection consists of soft baby blankets and clothing from the Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic and Signature Collections. If you have never felt the fabric from the blankets and pocket buddies for children, then you are in for a real treat. The blankets feel so luxuriously good that there is no doubt your little one will be loved and pampered.

Overall, Barefoot Dreams makes anyone feel warm, cozy and comfy. There is nothing better than to be bundled up in a wonderful Barefoot Dreams bamboo chic blanket. Barefoot Dreams is a product that will leave you satisfied and coming back for more. One can never have too many items to make them feel pampered and cozy inside. Therefore, those are the wonderful reasons that make Barefoot Dreams that much cozier.

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Article Written - February 27, 2009.