Article: Creativity by the Hand

Batle Studios was first created by San Francisco artist, Agelio Batle. This product is a graphite pencil that allows you to bring an artistic touch to everyday life. In the late 1990's, Agelio Batle began to think about how a pencil is just an extension of a person's hand when you draw, believing that it is the hand that draws and not the pencil. By having this thought in mind, he had experimented over the next year in creating a pencil in the shape of a hand to exert this belief. Months of experimenting lead to the original right hand graphite pencil. The hand is believed to be a model of his or his son's hand.

That was the start of many graphite creations. Batle has come up with multiple designs and each involved the creation of an original followed by the use of a specialized mold and compression and finished using traditional techniques that produces functional writing implements.

When Agelio Batle first designs his products, he carves an original design in clay. With great pressure, carbonaceous graphite and smudge-resistant compounds are put together into a reproducible form using a technique that Batle invented. After all of that is complete, there is a finally use of delicate carving and traditional finishing techniques to complete the Graphite Object. All of their surfaces can draw and the graphite will resist smudging on your hand. These Graphite Objects should last anywhere from 7 to 9 years with daily use. These items are a perfect gift and each graphite object is beautifully packaged with signed literature and a custom box.

There are many different objects that are offered throughout this line. One in particular that is a big inspiration is the Twisting Leaf. Agelio Batle carries the spirit of nature's timeless forms in this series of graphite objects. Batle's reverence for organic forms was inspired by countless hours spent in the grandeur and wisdom of nature, intimately observing and studying. Further nurtured into being through Batle's formal studies in biology and art, this vision thrived and grew.

Agelio Batle sculptures are more than just a pencil; they have meaning behind each object. He creates a design that means something to him in his life and that can help others with their vision. Some of his sculptures that have meaning are:

The Frog: This is embraced as a symbol for fertility and luck in both Eastern and Western cultures, the frog beckons the wisdom of change and adaptation in our modern lives.

The Quill: Weightlessly, the quill brings words soaring on the spirit of prayer and protection. The quill has been thought to have been created from light one thousand years before God created anything else. It writes words imbued with a spiritual and ancient guidance.

The Orchid: The Orchid emerges with grade and cunning. Pollen is transferred into their unwitting ally's body. The unsuspecting creature flies away ready to fertilize the next flower. A symbol of beauty in all cultures, the orchid represents the sublime collaboration that shapes all that we see.

The Olive Branch: A symbol of peace throughout the world, the olive inspires compassions, understanding and unity. It has been said that is beings light to the spirit and to the world and bears gifts of oil and fruit.

These are just some of the sculptures that Batle has felt have meaning not only to him in his life, but to others in their lives too. It is amazing to see how a pencil is something so much more that just a pencil. It is an imagination and creative way to make a design to give to people and have it have a bigger meaning. These sculptures are a great gift for friends and family. Batle helped give art a new shape and imagination that any one would enjoy.

Bio: Written by Brittney Hatch, product specialist for WhatSheBuys. WhatSheBuys is an authorized Batle Studio retailer offering Agelio Batle Graphite Objects pencil sculptures including Quill sculpture pencil and Frog graphite as well as other current Batle Graphite sculptures.

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Article Written - July 30, 2009.