Bunnies by the Bay Collection

Bunnies by the Bay was created in 1986 in response to a tragic event that forced one family into a journey from such a tragic loss to eventually a hopeful healing. The focus for this product is to endear gifts for the little ones who are embarking on their first years of life. This product's detailed designs and ever so soft materials promote a promise to parents that they will cherish the years to come. There are different collections to ensure that your little loved ones will be satisfied in any outfit he or she is given to wear.

Bunnies By The Bay Blooms Collection: This Line has great options for your baby girl. The sugar daisy sundress is a great item for your baby to look not only cute, but to be able to move around in. It is comfortable with a bunny on the front and enclosed at the bottom to make it an onesie or a "bunsie."

Bunnies By The Bay Emmie Collection and Emmit Collections: These line are a duckie themed collection that has an amazing fun in the sunsuit for your little girl and flipper floppers for your little boy. These collections are for either your baby girl or boy and offers even hats and blankets to keep your loved ones warm.

Bunnies By The Bay Skipit Collection: This Line offers the warm and cuddly Chasing Dreams Blanket or even the Lulla Puppy Bye Binkie. The Skipit collection is sure to keep your little boy warm and fuzzy. There are also adorable ahoy sailor and pup hats available with this product line.

Bunnies By The Bay Bunny Boy Collection: Similar to the bloom collection, But designed in blue for little boys the Bunny Boy Collection offers a bundle bib, booties, bunsies and more.

Bunnies By The Bay Tadbit Collection: The Tadbit collection is all about the cute little frogs. This collection offers the winging it quilt, tadbit flipper slippers, let's playsuit and much more. This line is great for either your little girl or boy and it helps keep your little one comforted. The Tadbit toy and the silly buddy are a great way to help your child cling on to something else and not always the parent.

Bunnies By The Bay Bumper Crop Collection: This line offers a smock and bloomers set that comes with a cute little sailor hat. The line also carries a Garden Medley gift set, sweet pea bunsie and a sweet & tender baby calendar. The Bumper Crop Collection is great for outdoors and fun in the sun.

Bunnies By The Bay Storywear Collection: This collection is quite different than the rest because of the uniqueness that is brought to the story wear. In this collection, a tale of a whale uniform is offered for your little boy. This uniform is a type of sailors outfit. There is also the little pink dress made for this collection. This dress is quite darling for your little girl to wear for a nighttime outing with mom and dad.

These collections are amazing for your little ones to feel comfortable and look adorable while wearing it. There are many items offered to you that it will make your decisions so hard on what to buy! You will want to get every item once you see your baby in one of these outfits. Remember, not only will your baby look cute, cuddly, and comfortable, but they will feel that way too!

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Article Written - February 28, 2009.