Comparing Different Robeez Lines

Robeez was created by Sandra Wilson in 1994. It began as a home-based business with only 20 pairs of hand-stitched footwear and now was grown to distribute throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Robeez are world renowned for their soft-soled footwear for both boys and girls, providing healthy foot development from newborns through the age of four. Robeez guarantees quality craftsmanship, durability, and accessibility. This article examines the different types of Robeez available and the features unique to each.

The original Robeez shoe is made of genuine, soft, flexible leather that hugs your child's foot. Robeez allows your child to develop muscular foot strength and promotes healthy, natural foot growth. Robeez supple footwear is available in over 70 adorable designs that are sure to complete your child's every outfit.

Robeez soft-soled baby shoes offer:

- Security - So you can be sure that they will stay throughout your child's busy day.
- A textured sole for skid-resistance.
- Easy washing.
- Durability - Thanks to the high quality leather and stitching.
- Comfort through each step, with soft breathable leather.

Robeez soft-soled shoes are also available as booties with plush lining to keep your baby's feet warm and cozy throughout the winter.

Robeez Mini Shoez is the newest creation from Robeez and is the next step up for your child. Robeez Mini Shoez has a stylish "real-shoe" look that will compliment every outfit and are available in sizes 3-18 months. They offer the same comfortable, soft, and flexible sole as the original Robeez shoe but are equipped to take your little one's adventures outdoors.

Robeez Mini Shoez also feature:

- Adjustable straps or laces.
- Soft quality materials for cushioned insoles.
- Podiatrist approved.
- Water repellant, non-slip rubber soles for both indoor and outdoor use.

Robeez Tredz are the perfect shoes for the outdoor exploring and activities. They are built as strong as your little one with a Thermo Plastic Rubber sole. This unique triple sole construction begins with a special sheepskin lining underneath an extra layer of foam sole support, and finally, a superior mold-injection keeping your child as comfy and safe as can be. These shoes are created for children from ages 12-24 months and are available in many flattering designs.

Robeez Tredz offer:

- A non-slip sole.
- Light-weight, flexible soles.
- Approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association.
- Cushioned insoles.
- Breathable to keep feet cool and comfy.

With so many styles, how does one choose the right pair? Well, that depends on your child's interests. If your child likes to play sports, Robeez has the Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer shoes. For casual weekends and outings Robeez offers the Weekend, Trainer, and Penny Loafer shoes, just to name a few. Robeez can be paired up with style outfit, whether it's for a day at the park or looking their Sunday best.

Robeez are approved by expert pediatricians, fashionistas, and parents like you! When you purchase Robeez, you can be sure that you are providing the most comfortable and nurturing shoe for your baby. They are available for every stage of your child's development, ensuring your child's foot develops as strong and healthy as can be.

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Article Written - September 16, 2008.