Concealing Imperfections With Dermablend

Many women suffer from skin imperfections that prevent them from enjoying social activities like going out with friends and family or dating. Oftentimes we dread going into the water in fear that our makeup might wear off and expose our flaws. Having skin imperfections can put a strain on your emotional health. You might not want to leave your house or have the courage to make new friends if you don't have that self-confidence that everyone else seems to have. Don't let your skin imperfections keep you from enjoying life. Fortunately, there is nothing good make up can't conceal.

Dermablend is a professional cosmetic line that offers the best coverage for tattoos, birthmarks, scars, rosacea, varicose veins, severe dark under-eye circles, and, many more. Through Dermablend cosmetics, both men and women can conceal and minimize life's imperfections.

Dermablend offers coverage for the face and neck, leg and body, with concealers, brushes, and setting powder to keep your make up in place during any activity. The trick is to cleanse the area you are applying the makeup, and apply a light moisturizer (if your moisturizer is too thick, the Dermablend Cover Cream will not set well enough). After you have applied the makeup, use Dermablend Setting Powder. The setting powder is very important; it's what helps make the makeup be water-resistant and smudge-resistant.

How to Apply Dermablend Cover Cream:

First take a small amount of Cover Cream with the spatula provided or your finger tips. To soften the texture, put some on the back of your hand and in a circular motion, soften the product until it comes to the desired texture. Apply the makeup over the imperfection or entire face. For maximum coverage gently tap an additional layer over any blemished areas. If you are planning on being out in the sun, apply sunscreen over your moisturizer before makeup application.

How to Find Your Correct Shade

There are color charts on both the Whatshebuys website as well as the Dermablend website. If it is your first time purchasing a makeup product it is always a good idea to try a Dermablend sample of it first.

Dermablend Cover Cream is foundation that should only be used for your face. It comes in tones of pink, yellow, beige, bronze, and deep browns.

Concealing Other Problem Areas

  • Severe Dark Under-Eye Circles and uneven skin tone: Try Dermablend Quick Fix.

  • Minor to moderate dark under-eye circles and uneven skin tone: Use Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Concealer.

  • Acne Scars: For moderate acne scars use Dermablend Cover Cream for maximum overage. If you have erupting acne it is recommended that you do not use any makeup or use something with light coverage and Salicylic acid.

  • Imperfections on the Body: If you want to show off your legs or hide a tattoo on your body use the Dermablend Leg and Body Cover Cream foundation. If used properly with the setting powder, you are guaranteed for the product not to rub off on your clothing.
If you are looking for something with more coverage than the classic foundation, use the Smooth Indulgence Makeup. Smooth Indulgence offers coverage for minor blemishes. Its smooth consistency allows it to blend both easily and evenly. It allows for a quicker one step application and gives the benefits of smudge and water-resistance.

Dermablend offers long lasting coverage for almost any skin imperfection you may have. You can go out with confidence that your skin looks flawless and can participate in any activity you wish without worrying about it rubbing off. One of the true secrets to beauty is finding confidence in you, so let Dermablend give you that extra boost.

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Article Written - July 29, 2008.