Selecting A Father's Day Gift

Every year I struggle with the question What To Get Dad For Father's Day? Notoriously difficult to shop for, this article provides useful tips with getting Dad a great gift that will last. Although it may vary from dad to dad, what most dads like is universal. By following these tips and using a bit of common sense, you should be able to find a gift just as perfect as dad.
  1. Durable - Unlike Mother's Day, where some flowers and a card, makes a great gift, dad wants something with a little substance, something that will last and can be used. Forget the intangibles or the fleeting gifts (flowers etc.), Dad wants a gift that will be around. Shaving hardware, leather wallets, leather belts are a great example of this kind of gift. As a rule of thumb, I like to pick gifts that have the ability to be still used in three years time.

  2. Special - Another idea for Father's Day gifts are items that will be used only on special occasions. This will ensure your gift is used without being over-used. A pair of sterling silver cufflinks is a great example of a gift that will be used only on special occasions reminding him of you and your thoughtfulness.

  3. Above Ordinary - Take an ordinary item that your dad uses and make it special. You know that old, ratty umbrella in the corner of his closet? You could replace that old thing with a state of the art Davek umbrella that will last for years and years to come. This is a perfect example of a gift that dad would love, but would never buy for himself!

  4. Comfort - Although dad may not want flowers like mom, it is not to say that he doesn't like being spoiled. A comfortable lounging throw for the couch would make an excellent Father's Day gift that could be used all year round and for a long time.

Although dad can definitely be difficult to shop for, the task is not impossible. By following the above tips, you should be able to find a gift just right for dad. Remember attributes for a popular gift: durability, special, above ordinary and comfort. For the ultimate gift, try to find something that will combine all of these tips. Sounds like a difficult search? Not necessarily. A pair of men's UGG slippers matches all of these attributes and is an example of what very well could be the perfect father's day gift.Creative Commons License
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Article Written - May 12, 2008.