Finding Unique Baby Gifts

I have a lot of friends who are getting married and giving birth left and right. Don't get me wrong, I love every single new addition, but I hate the shopping. Shopping for a new baby is probably one of the most stressful jobs out there. One thing that I have learned over the course of the last few years is that the gift really has nothing to do with the newborn baby. It really only has to do with the mother (sometimes the father too). The mom is the person who decides if she likes it or not and if it stays in the house or goes back to the returns department at your local department store. The key to baby gift shopping is to find unique baby gifts that also reflect the personality & style of the parents to be.

I recently went baby gift shopping for a friend that I have known practically my whole life. I knew I wanted to find something special because I consider myself like an aunt for her little girl. I found a cute pair of Robeez baby shoes with a "LOVE" design that I had my eyes on for a while; but I wanted a little extra something. I thought of my friend and her personality and her upbringing. Her father is a Vietnam Veteran and she has always loved the color pink. She is the only girlish tomboy I have ever met. So I got her daughter something that her mom would like. I found this adorable camouflage print velvet burpy and velvet with chenille blanky by Little Giraffe. Here's the kicker - they had it in pink. Right when I saw it I knew the worst was over. I knew what I wanted to give my niece to welcome her to the world.

There have been a couple other births since the beginning of this year so I'm finding that baby shopping is getting easier to accomplish. Now all I have to worry about is next year when their birthday comes. And the next year and the next. I suppose the process is ever changing. Every child is different, and every year older they become, you have to take a step back to start all over again.

So, "What is the purpose of this article?" you ask. This article is to provide you with one unfaultable tip in the field of baby gift buying.

Quality. Quality. Quality. In order to have your gift remain in the child's hands for the unforeseeable future, it has to able to last that long. Obviously things like baby clothes that they are going to grow out of are going to be put to the side for a while after they've grown. But gifts like soft baby blankets can be a source of great comfort. And gifts like soft soled shoes can actually help to promote healthy feet. Do your research and you will soon find favorites that you will want everyone to have. Once you have found your signature baby gifts, say bye-bye to stressful shopping and hello to relief.

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Article Written - August 27, 2008.