Gift Registry - Give What You Want, Get What You Want

There are always those nagging questions one tends to get when purchasing a present for someone: is this what they wanted? Do they already have this? Will they ever use this? Purchasing gifts especially for baby showers and weddings are particularly troubling. It is so hard to determine the expecting couple or the newlywed's taste even if you happen to know them intimately. And for those on the receiving end, wouldn't it be better to take out the guess work for your guests and save yourself the trouble of hauling unwanted gifts all over town in hopes that the stores maintain a reasonable return policy? You might have guessed by now what I am advocating: the use of gift registries.

Gift registries are a great, easy, and efficient way to either give what you want, or simply to get what you want. The benefits are endless for both receiver and giver, but there are some typical guidelines you want to follow if you are planning to register. Normally two to three stores are a good amount to register at and that's about all of what your guests can remember. It is probably a good idea to choose gifts varying in price range and sticking to what seems readily available at the store. This helps in preventing the last minute gift buyers getting stuck with a gift out of their budget and gifts running out because they are harder to order. Social conventions say that it is in poor taste to list where you are registered at on the invitation of the event. Others don't find anything necessarily wrong with this practice, so it is ultimately up to you. If you feel hesitant to advertise where you would like to receive gifts from rely on word of mouth. Tell a bridesmaid or the host of the shower and they are sure to get the word around to everyone else. For sake of convenience, make a list of return policies of each of the stores on the registry just in case. It all depends on the type of event you are throwing but it is preferred to register about six months prior to the day of. This gives guests plenty of time to pick what gift they would like to purchase without the stress of last minute buys. Although keep in mind that it probably isn't the wisest choice to register more than six months prior due to the fact some stores might discontinue items.

Gift registries of old had the people of honor running all over town registering in store. Normally given a little price gun, they would have to walk up and down the isles searching for what they would possibly want. This method of registering is time consuming and ultimately frustrating. Not to mention having to deal with the usually non-existent clerk who shows up never when you need them and the registry print out is never up-to-date so who knows what will show up on the day of the event. Another burden of the old way of registering for gifts is the actual "giving the gift" matter. If the gift is bulky or numerous, this is an inconvenience for the guest who have to transport it but a huge hassle for the receivers who have to lug that gift and all the other ones the received back to their home.

An answer for all of the drawbacks that can be possibly foreseen with the traditional in-store gift registries is online registry. It seems impossibly simple and it is. It takes all the leg work out of choosing stores and gives a much larger selection of colors and sizes for the gifts you are choosing. You can register in the comfort of your own home and receive up-to-date registries to prevent never receiving a duplicate gift again. You can also modify your registry 24 hours a day so you won't regret any gift decisions that were made. Also, when your guests use the online registry most places will ship the gift to whatever address you specify so it makes pick up very simple.

Online gift registries are the best possible way to make sure you are getting what you want and giving your guests a chance to give what they want. It's a win-win situation.

Bio: Written by Aimee Malicki, a product specialist for WhatSheBuys. WhatSheBuys provides a wonderful online gift registry and gift ideas to help in all your gift giving and receiving needs. WhatSheBuys is a 5 star rated Yahoo retailer and AAA plus rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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Article Written - January 14, 2010.