Tips for Men on Gifts for Women

Many women are materialistic and have particular tastes. It can get tricky when it comes time to buy that girl in your life the perfect gift - without going bankrupt. Here is the trick, Boys. Are you ready? The Solution: Think. No one knows her the same way you do. No one has had the conversations that you have had with her, the memories that you both have made together. Romantically or unromantically it doesn't matter - girls love it when you are able to capture those moments through a gift. Now, I have pointed out that there are different relationships you may have with that girl. Whether just friends, or engaged, the type of gift will more than likely change because of the relationship you have with her.

Different scenarios:

You are just friends. (This works for family too!)When you are buying for a girl friend who is strictly a friend, everything is very casual. Not every girl needs a Prada bag. No girl is going to turn one down, but no one needs it. The best thing for friends to do is to think of the things that the girl has mentioned she needs. For instance, if she has been complaining a lot about work, buy a gift certificate to a spa so she can get away for a while. Friends are there to care and listen, so LISTEN! If you have to, excuse yourself and make notes to yourself then come back. She will be so surprised that you remembered that gym membership she wanted four months ago, but couldn't afford.

You met her a few weeks ago, you are friends, but you want something more. If you feel that she would be likewise interested in you, then ask her out! Girls love being treated special. Be careful with this, because you will need to ask her out before she has plans. Be braced for a let down if she already has plans. If she says no, then say, "Alright, maybe next time." If you are still interested, you may buy her something thoughtful that shows her you like her. Another good way to convey your feelings is to write her a heartfelt letter. It saves you some trouble of actually getting the words out. Who knows what can happen? Crazier things have happened. So, what to do if she says yes: take her on a date. You can also buy her a gift if it's her birthday, but it really isn't necessary as long as you make the day special.

You two have been dating for a little while, but not enough to know her perfect gift. Ask her out. One on one time with her is really important. Yes, it is great to be with her family and friends, but I'm sure both of you agree that it's always better when it's just the two of you. If you already have an established relationship, this shouldn't be a problem. You have a task ahead of you. Your date should be something that has meaning - whether it be where you first met, some new place in town that she showed interest in, or maybe if you cooked at your house, again - it all has to do with effort. Girls will notice that and appreciate it. When it comes to the gift, there are plenty of things online that are available to you or at other stores, but shopping online is a great place to find that unique gift. You will be most successful if you stick to a gift that everyone could use. Yes, this goes against the rule about thinking, but if you really don't have very many memories to play off of, then high quality items that will be used like a comfy throw, jewelry or fashionable boots are always safe choices. If this is the case, then give the gift to her before the date starts, then go on and be romantic about everything else that happens that night.

You have been going out for several months, the "L" bomb has been dropped, and there is talk of marriage. By this stage, you should know her likes and dislikes well enough to get her the perfect gift, if not, you need to head back to stage 1.

Men, remember, most girls will absolutely love things with thought. If you have nothing in mind, stick to things that are usable, but things with thought always win. If you have pictures, memorabilia, letters, anything of that sort, and if you can present them to her in a way that lets her know how important she is to you, then you will have success in gift giving.

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Article Written - July 24, 2008.