Tips For Great Hair

People on television and in the magazines always have great hair. It's styled. It's shiny. It's split end free. It's absolutely perfect. They have great hair, making everyone who doesn't have a professional hair stylist feel like great hair is far out of reach. Most don't realize that a few simple changes will make huge differences in your hair and most importantly, your confidence. Here are four quick tips to getting healthy hair that don't need a professional's help.

Tip 1 - Choose the correct product: The condition of your hair can change multiple times depending on the products you are using. There are many products out there that conceal hair problems instead of solving them. Many dandruff products for example use ingredients that act like glue to stick flakes to your scalp instead of curing your scalp issue. That is not a solution. A proper product would help your scalp get healthy to prevent flakes, instead of just hiding the problem. Getting healthy hair isn't about removing everything from your hair that has built up through the day. It's about making sure that your hair and scalp is balanced using natural products combined with your hair's own natural oils to give you that commercial worthy head of hair.

How do you find these reliable products? There are a few brands out there based with natural ingredients and real solutions to your hair issues.Phyto is a hair care brand renowned for its specialized solutions, treatments, and styling products.

Tip 2 - Rinse it out: Read any shampoo bottle and nine times out of ten, it will state the following: Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Or something to that effect. It is almost cliche to hear those words, but how important is it really to rinse? Obviously we need to rinse the shampoo or conditioner or treatment out of our hair, but how? Well, here's tip number two: Rinse with cool water. It will close off the hair cuticle and make your hair less prone to damage. Plus, in closing off the cuticles, your hair has a smoother surface. Say hello to shiny hair!

Tip 3 - Brush it healthy: How exactly do we brush our hair healthy? Just like the tip on products, brushes have a major effect on our hair's appearance, and health. Mason Pearson has been known for many years for their high quality handmade boar bristle brushes. Based on the thickness, coarseness, and length of your hair, Mason Pearson offers specific style brushes. A quality brush is crucial to healthy hair because it smoothes the hair from knots and stimulates the scalp distributing natural oils through your hair giving it a natural, lustrous shine.

Tip 4 - Styling: If you can't stand the heat, get it off your hair! If your hair is already breaking or dry and you think that styling it a certain way will make it appear in better health, you could be right. But remember, our goal is to get you truly healthy hair. Not hair that appears to be healthy. For instance, if you have curly hair and you like it to be straightened, but you've noticed that it has reduced in radiance, strength, or health in general, stop torturing it.

Instead, work with your hair. If your hair is curly buy a product that will cause as little build up as possible and that will work with your hair to enhance its natural beauty. Once your hair has become healthy again, go ahead and straighten it for special occasions. As mentioned before, work with what you have- don't hide it. Any time you use heat on your hair to style it, make sure you use a product that will prevent heat damage. Prevention is a lot easier than treating damaged hair.

So go on, make a few little changes and get that gorgeous red-carpet worthy hair that all your friends will envy.Creative Commons License
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Article Written - April 8, 2008.