The Intricacies of Lois Hill

What is Lois Hill and what makes Lois Hill Jewelry so high-end? It is unique. Lois Hill (founder and designer of Lois Hill Jewelry) regularly travels the world looking for antiquity that can be applied to contemporary forms of jewelry. They are all handmade, solid sterling silver, and they match each other terrifically. Another great thing about Lois Hill is that not everyone has it or can get their hands on it. This is because you can't find it in any department store, and styles are available for a limited time. Lois Hill routinely retires her pieces, so after a certain amount of time, they cannot be found anywhere, nor will the company make them again. This ensures their customers a truly unique and limited collection of jewelry.

The Lois Hill Collection consists of many textures and weaves created by professional artisans who specialize in the field. Each piece is hand made with care and precision from solid sterling silver. Below are the specifications for each texture and or weave. Included are The Three Link Weave, The Cut Out Collection, and more!


Granulation has been used by Etruscans since 3000BC. What is it? The process of Granulation involves creating beads by sprinkling tiny metal chips in a charcoal kiln heating them until they melt to form a sphere. The next step is applying the beads using organic glue made from berries and heat fusing them into place. Lois Hill took this technique and made it her own by adding wire filigree creating her signature granulated collection.

Piercing and Carving

The Piercing and Carving has often been referred to as simply cut out or scroll collection, but the process it undergoes to get to that point is anything but simple. This process dates back to prehistoric times when they would dome the metal over tar or pitch. They would then proceed to draw the pattern on the silver and cut through the silver using handmade tools. This presents us with the elaborate contrast that Lois Hill's signature cut out collection is.

Three Link Weave

The Three link weave originated in 18th century India and is made of carefully aligned figure eights. Using silver to make this weave makes it much more special.

Flat Wire Weave

The Flat Wire weave is another Lois Hill Signature piece. This weave is made from a single strand of silver and can produce anything from a cufflink to a belt, taking over a month to hand weave.

Box Weave

Dating as far back as the 2nd Century, Lois Hill has taken this box weave technique and squared it off to introduce a contemporary feel to this ancient art.

India Weave

The India Weave has been around since the 2nd century and is composed of small interlocking links, making the chain appear braided. This weave is used in an assortment of "fluid" designs due to its flexibility.

Thai Weave

The Thai Weave is truly intricate. Only able to weave about one inch per day, the artisans create this weave by using tiny jump rings, weaving them like textile. This weave originated from the Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand, making this weave all the more precious.

You've learned a little more about what Lois Hill has to offer and how truly unique each piece is. Hopefully you will have a newly acquired appreciation for what Lois Hill (the company and the woman) is all about and why it is so unusual and uniquely high-end. Quality, originality, and origin all influence the success that Lois Hill has become.

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Article Written - September 25, 2008.