Mavala's Manicure For A Man

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a woman to have a manicure. Men who want a nice polished look groom their nails. This gives guys a well groomed and neat appearance, not a feminine "nail polished" look. A man's manicure takes only 4 simple steps. These easy grooming techniques prevent painful hangnails and give your nails and hands a healthier well maintained look.

  1. Prevent hangnails: To prevent hangnails you will need cuticle remover and an orange stick. You guys might be wondering what an orange stick is. Good news! Mavala cuticle remover comes with an orange stick inside each box. You can also purchase an orange stick in the cosmetic accessory area of your favorite drug store.

    You should treat your cuticles once a week by using cuticle remover. Why is it important for men and women to use cuticle remover? If you don't take care of your cuticles you will either have overgrown dry cuticles and/or painful hang nails. Both are unappealing, and can be painful. When cuticles are dry men and women tend to pick at the skin causing irritation.

    Hang nails are caused when you do not gently remove the dead skin cells and push back the skin around the nail. The cuticle attaches to the nail and as the nail grows with the cuticle overstretches the cuticle skin and snaps back causing painful hang nails. Most companies that promote healthy natural nails do not promote the use of cuticle scissors to remove the dead skin. Cutting too much cuticle can cause the skin around the nail to bleed or leave it open for possible infection.

    Cuticle scissors should only be used if you already have a hangnail. You can gently cut away excess skin so it doesn't get caught on things causing more pain and irritation. The best way is to always prevent hang nails so you never have to use scissors. Just follow these easy guidelines for hangnail prevention.

    • Open bottle and apply the cuticle remover directly to the cuticle (skin around the nails).

    • Be sure to be generous and reinsert the brush in the bottle to reload more cuticle remover on the brush.

    • Wait 2 -3 minutes to allow it to absorb and soften the cuticle skin.

    • Wrap an orange stick with some tissue or cotton and then push cuticles back slightly. Be gentle. It should not be painful.

  2. Buff: Nail polish is not the only way to have well groomed nails.

    There are gentle buffers out there that will smooth out your nail and give your nails a well manicured look. We recommend using Mavala Nail Buffer Kit that comes with 2 textured sides. Use one side to smooth the ridges and the second to create a nice healthy sheen. Using a buffer gives your nails a finished look and it's quick too!

  3. Cuticle Cream: Mavala Cuticle Cream is used to moisturize the cuticles and help to nourish the nail and keep it healthy. The last thing you want is dry cuticles. You definitely want to look taken care of.

  4. Don't forget the hand cream: Mavala Hand Cream is excellent for men. It absorbs quickly into the skin without a greasy feel and keeps your hands in good condition. What man wants sand paper hands when they shake hands all day? And what woman wants her man to have hands that feel like sand paper?

    It's as simple as that. 1-2-3-4 and you're done!

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    Article Written - May 28, 2008.