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Perlier has been around for over 80 years, specializing in formulated products to hydrate and protect the skin. Perlier is located in Italy, where they manufacture all their products. The company's own Biological Research Center is located in La Carignana , Italy, where over 40 scientists, researchers, and technicians come together to bring you the best natural ingredients for your skin. In 1972, Perlier expanded to include the development of cosmetics, providing a high quality, functional, and efficient product that addresses specific needs for all women, especially in aiding the aging process.

Perlier has many luxurious scents that are suitable for all skin types, restoring your skin's softness, smooth texture and elasticity. Some of Perlier's best and most famous scents include:

Perlier Honey - Honey's key ingredient, Royal Gelee, is intensely concentrated and provides for a deep down sustenance for the skin. Royal Gelee helps replace damaged skin with moisturized skin. It improves the skin's tone and elasticity and is for all skin types. Honey's properties leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, with a light wonderful fragrance. Honey products are available in:

Honey Cream Bath and Shower - particularly formulated to activate its natural ingredients in your shower, leaving your skin soft and smooth with a lasting pleasant scent.
Honey Organic Glycerin Soap - formulated for dry and sensitive skin. It's made form organic honey to cleanse your hands and face and is suitable for daily use.
Honey Body Cream with Royal Jelly - combined with other several key ingredients including Avocado Oil and Milk Proteins, for exceptional moisture without the oily residue.
Honey and Glycerin Hand Cream - provides protection against redness and cracked skin. Honey's key ingredients help fight the effects of premature aging.
Original Honey Hand Cream - Perlier's classic hand cream providing what it promises; soft, hydrated skin.
Acacia Honey Shampoo- gentle enough to cleanse your hair daily. Its key ingredient, Fluid Acacia Honey, leaves your hair shiny and lively.

Perlier White Almond - White Almond is suitable for both dry and delicate skin types. The white almond milk and honey leave your skin feeling fresh and supple. White Almond is available as a complete bath line, built to protect your skin with its natural oils and proteins.

Perlier Pink Peony-The delightful scent of Pink Peony is said to have come from the goddess Paeonia. This high-spirited goddess was transformed into a delicate flower that would forever evoke sensuous femininity. This glamorous scent is available in Perlier's Pink Peony Bath and Shower Gel, Pink Peony Body Cream, Pink Peony Hand Cream, and Pink Peony Talcum Powder for your everyday pampering.

Perlier Lavender - Lavender is renowned for its soothing sweet-flowery scent. Lavender cools sunburned skin and soothes it, while also controlling over active sebaceous glands.

Perlier Lavender Honey - Lavender Honey uses the curative properties of honey to regenerate damaged skin with the feminine scent of lavender to soothe the mind. Lavender Honey also restores your skin's radiance and softness.

Perlier Risarium - Risarium's key ingredient, rice, is very beneficial in preventing the formation of wrinkles. The rice milk and oil help in keeping a frequent cellular metabolism and energizing the skin, keeping it nourished.

Perlier Honey Gift Baskets, Perlier Risarium Gift Baskets, and Perlier Pink Peony Gift Baskets are available from This is the perfect gift for your loved one and the ideal personal spa kit for your home.

With so many fragrances and treatments to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect product for your skin. Perlier products are all scientifically formulated with results that can be measured. Each product will leave your skin leaving hydrated and smooth to the touch. Perlier promises no miracles, just results.

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Article Written - October 21, 2008.