Newborn Baby Essentials

Expecting a baby is a joyous occasion but preparing for baby can get overwhelming. There is no need to worry. Make yourself a list of the basic items you will need or search online for a ready made new baby checklist. You will be happily surprised with all the baby necessities available to make taking care of your new baby much easier. Some great items are receiving blankets, bunting bags, diaper bags, and onesies. You may be saying - well of course, those are the essentials. But not every mother knows the capacity of every one of these items. Most mothers think of them as a requirement rather than a convenience. Here are some tips for selecting and using these basic items for your child.

Receiving blankets and bunting bags are a must to keep baby feeling warm, secure and comfortable. Babies are in the womb for 9 months before they come into this world, making them insecure in their new surroundings. Use receiving blankets to comfort the baby and recreate the feel of the tight, warm space in the womb. Don't just lay a blanket on them and expect baby to be comfortable. Instead, swaddle the baby in the blanket. Swaddling your baby is a great way to keep baby feeling calm and secure and much easier than constantly patting and bouncing baby around.

How do you swaddle a baby? Easy. Lay the blanket down in a diamond shape in front of you. Fold the top corner down enough for the baby to be able to have room for their head. Place the baby at the top corner, with his/her head above the fold. Fold the right side of the fabric in, then the bottom, then the left side, tucking as securely as possible, and you are done!

If you prefer not to swaddle your baby, bunting bags are a great alternative. They are a great help with babies who dislike having a blanket on them and always kick it off. Another tip: when the baby is in the womb, they aren't feeling rough fabrics; rather, they are surrounded in fluid. Try to find the softest baby blankets or bunting bags to wrap your baby in. Touch is a vital sense that comes into play for babies; especially during the first months.

Diaper Bags are so great! They have pouches everywhere to help keep mom organized and put together. It's great when you have access to everything for baby in one place. Make sure you purchase one that is spill proof since you will be carrying a lot of liquids with you. Let's be honest: with a baby in hand, accidents happen. Other helpful diaper bag features to look out for are changing pads, stroller attachments, and comfortable shoulder straps. You also want to keep in mind what your bag looks like - being a mom doesn't mean you have to look frumpy. Keep up your stylish ways. You may be asking if it is possible to be a stylish mom - yes it is. These days, more and more companies are reaching out to those moms to be who don't want to be frumpy. Do some shopping!

Onesies are a basic item baby will use every day. They are great for summer weather, or for under clothes during the winter. They assist in keeping the diaper in place and also help in the changing process. There is no need to remove the whole outfit to get to the diaper, rather, undo a few buttons and voila! You are done changing the baby. No hassle and no clothes being tugged at by the baby. When shopping for onesies keep in mind that while basic solids are great, there are lots of fun prints and patterns to keep baby just as stylish as mom!

So, for all the moms to be out there who are trying to figure out the best way to prepare for baby - try to cover the essentials first, then work your way up. Creative Commons License
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Article Written - July 18, 2008.