Steps For Optimal Eye Make-Up Application

Wondering what is the best way to apply eye make-up? You don't need to wonder anymore! All you need to do is read this helpful article.

  1. An eye base is needed to make your eye make-up adhere better. The eye contour is the most fragile part of the face and to avoid any irritations or damage, it has to be protected and well moisturized. The eye base makes your eye make-up last longer and it gives that protection your eye contour needs. Not only does it protect and prolong your eye make-up, it also accentuates it.

  2. If needed, apply a concealer to hide any hint of tiredness, fine lines and to also even out the skin tone around your eye contour. Have you ever lacked sleep the night before an important day? The last thing you would want is to look tired. The concealer would help look your best and keep you from looking tired.

  3. After the concealer has been placed and is completely dry, apply the eye shadow to your upper eyelids. Apply the least amount of your eye shadow color to the inside corner of your eyelid - this keeps your eyes from looking so "far in." A helpful hint is to gradually have the eye shadow darker towards the outer portion of the eye lid in order to lift the color up towards the eyebrow. Feel free to extend your eye shadow up to the eyebrow hairs but make sure to fade out and not darken the eye shadow color as you get closer to the eyebrow hairs. After applying the eye shadow, use your fingertips to slightly blend the colors and to get rid of excess powder.

  4. After this, you can apply eyeliner to bring out the definition to your eyes. If you want to make your eyes appear smaller, apply the eyeliner on the edge of your eyelid on the top and on the bottom. If you want your eyes to appear larger, add eye liner to either the top edge or the bottom edge. Remember, not both!

  5. After finishing the eye contour, the next area to work on is the eyebrows. Trim and brush the eyebrow hairs to give your eyebrows a clean, groomed look. The brushes specifically for the eyebrows are usually on the opposite end of an eyebrow pencil. After brushing your eyebrows to face one direction, then you could apply brow powder or a brow pencil to add more definition to them.

  6. After the eyebrows, then it's time to apply the mascara. Depending on what kind of result you would like, apply one or two coats of mascara. Apply the second coat only after the first coat has completely dried. A lot of times, the inside and outside of the eyelashes are not well coated as well as the center because of the way the mascara brushes are curved. Make sure to concentrate on the outer portions of the mascara to make your eyelashes look even.

After all this, you're done and ready to go to your night out of town!


  • If you would like to add more color to your eyes, you can also used a different colored mascara and just lightly apply it to the tips of your eyelashes.

  • When finding colored mascara for the eyelash tips, try matching it with your eye shadow. For example, if you plan on wearing blue eye shadow, then match it with blue mascara.
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Article Written - July 21, 2008.