7 Steps To Perfect Eyebrows

The information below has been compiled by WhatSheBuys in order to show how to use Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyebrow products at home to achieve "perfect brows".

Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Step 1:
How To Choose Your Stencil.

Step 1: How to Choose Your Stencil Choose the eyebrow stencil that hits both lines 1 and 2, and that has as much of your natural brow hair inside the eyebrow cutout as possible.

Step 2:
Pick your Powder Color.

  • Blondes and Strawberry Blondes:Your eyebrows should always be a little darker than your hair. Use Blonde or Taupe (Blonde is lighter and with a little more yellow).
  • Light to Medium Brown and Silver Hair:Use Medium Brown.
  • Medium Brown to Dark Brown Hair:If you are an intense brunette, eyebrows should be lighter than your hair to take the edge off and soften the look. Use Dark Brown.
  • Dark Brown to Black Hair:Use Ebony or Granite.
  • Auburn Hair: Use Caramel or Auburn.

Step 3:
Arch and Shape Your Brows.

Position the eyebrow stencil to your brow with your thumb and index finger. Fill in the brow area with Anastasia Brow Powder using a Small Angle Cut Brush or fill with a Anastasia Brow Pencil. Step 3: Arch and Shape Your Brows

Step 4:
Tweeze and Trim Brow Hairs.

Tweeze hairs that are outside the stenciled area with a pair of Anastasia Tweezers. Comb the brow hairs up with the spooley end of the Anastasia Brow Pencil and Brush Duo Mini and clip any lengthy or unwanted hairs with Hair Scissors. Step 4: Tweeze and Trim Brow Hairs

Step 5:
Soothe Skin.

Step 5: Soothe Skin. Apply Anastasia After Tweeze Cream to calm and smooth any redness or irritated areas.

Step 6:
Highlight Eyebrows.

Apply the Anastasia Brow Duality pencil just below the arch of the brow. Gently smooth and blend into the brow line to create highlight that opens up the eye. The Brow Duality can be used all over the lid, cheekbone and lips. Step 6: Highlight Eyebrows

Step 7:
Hold Shape.

Step 7: Hold Shape Apply the Anastasia Brow Gel to condition and hold shape of brows all day.