Phytospecific - Caring For Textured Hair

Naturally curly, frizzy and relaxed hair calls for extra nourishment and care. The team at Phyto developed PhytoSpecific, a premium line of botanical hair care that offers effective solutions to managing this challenging hair type. Ingredients such as: quinoa and sunflower oils, hibiscus flowers, barley milk, shea and illipe butters are specifically chosen to offer highly concentrated solutions. All products nourish and treat hair and scalp safely and effectively by providing hydration to coarse, dry and even the most brittle hair. PhytoSpecific shampoos, treatments and conditioners are gentle and completely safe to use on relaxed or permed hair. Selecting which shampoo and conditioner is right for you depends upon the level of hydration your hair craves. By selecting the products that are natural and plant based can pave the way to achieving beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. For Normal to Dry Hair use the Optimal Hydration Shampoo and Optimal Hydration Milk (conditioner). These two products use a combination of active plant extracts to restructure and gently cleanse the hair, leaving it soft, radiant, and easy to comb. A system of hair hydration, recommended for individuals with healthy hair that is somewhat dry or for hair with fine to medium curl patterns. These products are also safe on virgin hair (without color, perm, relaxers) and for hair that is physiologically dry with a tendency to lose shine (natural lack of hydration). The products also protect against environmental stresses. For women who need a higher level of hydration there is the Intense Hydration Shampoo and Intense Nutrition Mask. These products are ideal for anyone whose hair has been sensitized by color, perms or relaxers. The most common of the systems, it is recommended for those with hair that has been color-treated, but is still in good condition. Finally for damaged, brittle hair there is the Vital Force Shampoo and Vital Force Creme Bath. Providing maximum hydration, nourishment and repair for brittle hair that has been made porous through chemical treatments or damaged by excessive heat styling. Going beyond the shampoo and conditioner process gives hair an extra boost. For maximum results, use the Revitalizing Oil Treatment before you shampoo. Helping to restore hair's natural properties by fortifying your hair shaft and protecting the hair and scalp for everyday environmental factors. After you shampoo, you can use Energizing Concentrate once a week for four weeks. A unique, high-protein treatment with plant placenta instantly revitalizes and restores elasticity and radiance to textured hair. Apply evenly, do not rinse and then style your hair as usual. Hair will be energized! For styling, PhytoSpecific offers a number of choices based on your styling preference. PhytoSpecific Moisturizing Styling Balm, PhytoSpecific Beauty Styling Cream, PhytoSpecific Integral Hair Care Mist and PhytoSpecific Extreme Shine Spray. Moisturizing Styling Balm not only provides a light hold and shine, it hydrates your hair, working as a leave in conditioner that protects your hair against UV rays. The Beauty Styling Cream is a pomade-like cream that provides a stronger hold to style, model or sculpt the hair. Integral Hair Care Mist has many actions- it's a leave in conditioner that replenishing moisture, detangles, and protects against heat styling. It is also a popular choice for defining curls. Finally, the Extreme Shine Spray will add instant shine to hair by giving dazzling radiance to curly or straight hair. No matter what your hair style, PhytoSpecific makes a styling product to match it! For women who are losing or experiencing thinning hair, PhytoSpecific has the solution. PhytoSpecific Phytogrowth Serum with Capigen is a serum formulated for textured hair that slows thinning and promotes hair growth.An intense three month treatment, (apply once or twice a week), it will provide a rapid, clear improvement in your hair's condition. To help make sure your hair is getting all the nutrition it needs to grow healthy and beautiful, try PhytoSpecific Cap'Energy Dietary Supplements. A capsule you take once a day it replenishes the nutrients that are essential for boosting volume, increasing vitality and enhancing hair as well as strengthening nails. These hair vitamin supplements can be used by all women, not just those experiencing thinning hair symptoms. Last, but certainly not least is PhytoSpecific's botanical hair relaxers.Lye free hair relaxers for delicate (PhytoSpecific Index Relaxer 1) or coarse hair (PhytoSpecific Index Relaxer 2). Both relaxers straighten using active molecules contained in the egg and soya extracts working in synergy with active plant extracts. Although some people do use at home (directions are included), most others take to their stylist to ensure that the relaxers are correctly applied. Used properly, the PhytoSpecific line is an effective way to manage textured hair- whether they want to embrace their natural curls or create a sleek, relaxed look. Together we can achieve beautiful, shiny hair naturally! Creative Commons License
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