PhytoSpecific Relaxer Instructions

PhytoSpecific Application For Index #1 and Index #2 Relaxers

Do's and Don'ts

  1. Always do a strand test before relaxing.
  2. Do not apply relaxer complex to scalp.
  3. PhytoSpecific Relaxers contain no lye. However, like with any relaxer, you must carefully follow directions, to avoid potential skin and scalp burns, hair loss and eye injury.
  4. Do not use if scalp is irritated or inflamed, or shows signs of abnormal condition.
  5. Do not use on bleached hair, henna treated hair or on hair dyed or relaxed with products containing metallic substances.
  6. Do not use after coloring your hair with permanent hair color. Wait at least 3 weeks before relaxing your hair, and proceed only if hair shows no sign of damage.
  7. Do not use on permanently waved or curly permed hair, or hair that has had a chemical curl.
  8. Do not pre-shampoo hair. Wait at least 3 days after last shampoo before relaxing your hair.
  9. Do not wet or manipulate scalp in any way before application.
  10. Do not use hot combs, pressing irons, or any other heated implements with the relaxer.
  11. Do not use hot combs 8 days before or immediately after using relaxer.
  12. Do not cut hair before relaxing.
  13. Use only products contained in this kit.
  14. If you have braided hair, undo braids then shampoo and condition hair 1 week prior to using relaxer.

Directions For Use:

  1. Have the Following Items Close at Hand
    1. Instructions.
    2. Pre-care balm.
    3. Straightening cream.
    4. Inductor.
    5. Neutralizing and cleansing emulsion.
    6. Milky restructurer.
    7. Plastic gloves and wooden spatula.
    8. Wide-tooth comb (not metal).
    9. A clock or kitchen timer.
    10. A towel or cape to protect against accidental spills.

  2. How to Mix Straightening Complex
    1. For full head application (virgin hair)
      Pour all the inductor into the straightening cream jar. Mix together with spatula until color is uniform and free of lumps. Allow straightening complex to rest 5 minutes.
      1. For new growth application
        Using a wooden spatula, be careful to remove exactly half of the straightening cream. Use the line marked << ½ >> on the jar. Transfer cream into a separate mixing container, such as a clean, dry plastic bowl. Do not use any metal. Replace lid, close tightly and save other half of cream for next retouch. Carefully pour half of the inductor into the bowl containing straightening cream. Use the line marked <> on the bottle as a reference. Close the bottle tightly and save the rest for next retouch. Mix together with spatula until mixture is free of lumps and uniform in color. Allow straightening complex to rest 5 minutes.
        NOTE: do not prepare complex more than 12 hours prior to use.

  3. Timing Guide
    1. Timing is important to achieve optimal results. Based on the strand test, adjust timing according to the results obtained. PLEASE NOTE! Timing starts when application starts. The total time for application and smoothing must not exceed the maximum time allowed for your hair texture.

      Hair textureApplication TimeSmoothing TimeMaximum Time

      Delicate, Fine Hair Index Relaxer 1

      7 minutes8 to 13 minutes20 minutes

      Normal, Thick, Coarse Hair
      Index Relaxer 2

      7 minutes8 to 13 minutes25 minutes

      Note: If hair is porous, the process is faster, so reduce smoothing time.

  4. Do a Preliminary Strand Test Before Relaxing
    1. For hair that has not been previously relaxed (virgin hair)
      1. Separate a small section of hair near the nape of the neck and evenly apply a small amount of straightening complex.
      2. After 7 minutes, smooth hair gently from the roots to the ends. During the smoothing times, check every 2 minutes until desired straightness is achieved. Do not leave the straightening complex longer than what is indicated for your hair type (see timing guide).
      3. Rinse the test area thoroughly with clear water. Do not wet rest of hair. Use Neutralizing Emulsion. Lather and rinse. Repeat until foam is white.
      4. Check the relaxed strand: If the hair shows signs of breakage or scalp irritation, do not proceed with relaxing. (Wait to have your hair or scalp in better condition to use the product).
      5. If the test strand is not completely relaxed, adjust timing by increasing smoothing time - but do not exceed maximum time recommended for your type of hair.

      IMPORTANT: When proceeding to the full application, do not re-apply relaxer complex to test strand area.

    2. For new growth (hair that has been previously relaxed).
      1. Use the relaxer complex on a small section of hair near the nape of the neck only on regrowth and follow the directions above.

  5. Application of Straightening Complex

    1. Preparation
      Gently comb out hair to remove tangles using a wide tooth comb. Do not scratch scalp. Part your hair into four sections: in the middle, from front to back, then from ear to ear.Apply Pre-Care Balm to skin around hairline (nape of neck, ears and any other sensitive areas). Cover shoulders with towel or cape and wear protective gloves.
      In case the complex gets on the skin, wipe off immediately with a damp towel. Make sure to complete a strand test. Start timing as soon as you begin application (see timing guide).
    2. Application Work Quickly and Efficiently
      1. Start application on the back sections of the head to finish by the front sections, save the hair line last (nape of neck, ears and any other sensitive areas). Make narrow partings, working from lower to upper portion of each section.
      2. Use the back of a wide-tooth comb for the application of the straightening complex. Apply generous amounts of complex on each parting. Spread the complex evenly away from scalp and down onto strand.
      3. Do not comb through. Don't rub the cream into scalp.
      4. Apply to hair line last (nape of neck, behind ears, forehead, and temples).
    3. For New Growth
      1. Avoid over-lapping. Do not apply the complex onto previously relaxed hair.
      2. Follow the directions above.

  6. How to Smooth Hair With Straightening Complex
    1. After finishing application, using the flat side of finger or back of comb, smooth the hair starting where first applied (on the back sections). Continue smoothing, finishing by the front sections. Part thin sections and work with even and firm strokes from roots to ends. Use more complex if necessary for even coverage, to make straightening easier. Do not pull or stretch hair. Smooth the hair line last. When recommended smoothing time for your hair type is complete, immediately rinse complex thoroughly from hair with clear water.
    2. For New Growth:
      1. Avoid over-lapping on previously relaxed hair and gently smooth only new growth. Follow the directions above.

  7. How to Rinse
    1. Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Be sure to remove all the straightening complex from hair and scalp.
    2. Don't forget to check ears, nape and forehead. Rinse until water runs clear.

  8. How to Use The Neutralizing Emulsion
    1. Apply the Neutralizing Emulsions, which simultaneously cleanses and stops the relaxing process. It contains a color signal which will allow you to see when the neutralization process is finished: at first, foam will be pink but will gradually turn white. Repeat application of Neutralizing Emulsion until foam becomes white. Repeat and leave on for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
    2. For New Growth
      1. Follow the directions above. Save half of the Neutralizing Emulsion for a next retouch.

  9. How to Condition
    1. Apply the Milky Restructurer on towel dried hair. Distribute throughout hair gently with a wide-tooth comb. Leave on 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse well. Towel dry and style.