Robeez Got Sole

Sandra Wilson worked for Canadian Airlines for eight years when she was laid off in 1993. With an 18-month-old, Sandra Wilson decided to work from home. She noticed that her son Robert was in need of some shoes that would stay on his feet. So in 1994, Sandra Wilson designed and sewed a pair of booties with slip-proof soles and an elastic ankle strap to help them stay on and Robeez was born.

Sandra Wilson put together 20 pairs of brightly colored booties and took them to a wholesale gift show where 15 retailers signed on to sell Robeez. Within a decade, Robeez grew out of Sandra Wilson's basement into a commercial operation with annual sales at nearly $30 million.

Robeez Has A Big Heart

Sandra Wilson established the Robeez Heart and Sole program in 2003, which donates over 150,000 pairs of children's footwear to disadvantaged children all around the world. Clearly, Sandra Wilson never envisioned the immensity of the company's growth. Robeez now produces approximately 130,000 pairs of shoes each month in about 70 different styles.

Although the Robeez headquarters is still located in Burnaby, Canada, Robeez footwear continues to grow in North America as well as Europe and Australia. Robeez now is available in 4,500 stores worldwide and ranked 11th in Profit magazine's list of Canada's 100 fastest-growing companies.

Robeez was recently sold to Stride Rite, makers of Keds sneakers and Saucony athletic shoes for $30.5 million. Sandra Wilson has been trying to cope with the emotional process of parting with her company. Her son Robbie is now in high school and Sandra has continued to work with the Robeez team as a consultant and posts blogs to help moms from all around establish their own business.

Robeez is a leading company in children's soft-soled leather footwear offering high-quality, innovative footwear from 0 months to four years of age; Robeez offers charming, distinctive footwear for everyone. Their rapid growth is associated with the relationship Robeez has continued to build with their customers.

Robeez have been recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association, offering the protection your child needs while encouraging natural foot growth. Robeez were designed to mimic bare feet, and while being barefoot is best, it's not always practical. With Robeez, your child can flex their toes with every step promoting balance.

From its humble beginnings in Burnaby, Canada, Robeez has continued to expand into a world-wide company with a clear vision and set goals. Sandra Wilson has inspired a generation of women and continues to be a part of Robeez, maintaining her vision and culture for the company. Sandra Wilson now spends much of her time on human resources issues while ensuring a strong corporate structure continues to exist. Robeez will look to add children's accessories and clothing to the brand. They will certainly continue to grow, designing adorable shoes for you and your child to love.


Written by Bianca Raygoza, product specialist for WhatSheBuys. WhatSheBuys is an authorized Robeez retailer offering Robeez Baby Shoes including Robeez Soft Sole Shoes as well as other best-of-category, world-class, brands for her, for him, and for child.

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