Royal-Pedic and Its History

Royal-Pedic was founded by Abe Kaplan who learned and mastered high end mattress making during the 1930's to mid 1940's at the heals of London. In 1946, Kaplan set out for America and shortly after settling in Los Angeles, Kaplan's mattress business began to blossom.

Royal-Pedic soon became the premier choice for many Los Angeles based interior design firms. For nearly four decades that Abe and his partner Steve owned Royal Pedic, they had manufactured mattresses for numerous amounts of clients, including many celebrities like NBA star Wilt Chamberlain and six U.S. Presidents including John F . Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

Then, in 1984, Royal-Pedic was purchased by the Kelemen family, who to this day diligently continue the tradition the high standards of Royal-Pedic. Royal-Pedic has expanded their offering of mattresses to include natural latex mattresses, pillowtop mattresses, pillowtop pads, and organic cotton mattresses to give customers that level of comfort and preferences with many varieties to choose from.

Studies show that people would rather have a Royal-Pedic bed over any other bed any day. It is so comfortable and relaxing that there is no other way to go than Royal-Pedic. Royal-Pedic has great qualities such as health, comfort and quality. Royal-Pedic was the winner of Fox 11 Comfort Bed Test for having the most comfortable mattress. Royal-Pedic uses only natural and hypoallergenic materials. Their superior design and natural material make it the most comfortable mattress. Lastly, the mattresses are hand crafted and use the finest natural materials around the world.

Let's look into their craftsmanship and see how these amazing mattresses are truly made. A start is to have a healthy mattress, and for 60 years Royal-Pedic has been dedicated to promoting a healthful sleep. They combine the finest natural and hypoallergenic material from all around the world. There are six steps to an all cotton mattress cutaway.

  1. Cotton ticking ventilates body heat.
  2. Hand tufting for firmer back support.
  3. Staple cotton padding is healthy, firm and long lasting.
  4. Odorless, hypoallergenic insulator pad.
  5. Increased sensitivity to body contours due to advanced, Swiss designed innerspring unit.
  6. T-Spring side supports for edge-to-edge comfort.

State of the art sewing machinery is used to ensure the sewing of your mattress is done with exact precision for comfort and durability.

Here are some of the mattresses that are produced with comfort by Royal-Pedic:

Royal-Pedic Mattresses

Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress: This mattress is considered the firmest mattress when used without a pillowtop pad and the thickness ranges from 8"-8 ½" thick.

Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Mattress: This mattress is right in the middle between firm and plush with a thickness of 13 ½"-14" thick. This mattress offers support, yet with a plush surface feel with its attached pillowtop pads.

Royal-Pedic Quilt-Top Mattress: This mattress is more on the firm side with a mattress thickness of 13 inches. This mattress has 85% more coils than the standard. The coils are unknotted, open ended and has more flexibility which means greater sensitivity to the body.

Royal-Pedic Cloud Pillowtop Mattress: This is the top of the line mattress with nearly three times more natural latex cushioning than the Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Mattress. This mattress gives more of a light cloud like feeling for a sooth comfort throughout your whole body.

Royal-Pedic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress: This mattress is different because it has the 7-zone natural latex which combines shoulder and hip flexibility with the correct support for the lower back. This mattress supports the spine in a natural comfortable position unlike soft or hard mattresses.

Royal-Pedic Latex Mattress: This mattress is more on the firm side with a mattress thickness of 9 inches. This is a firmer 7-zoner latex version. It features the same European designed, 7-zone natural latex mattress core as the quilt-top mattress does.

Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Pads: The pillowtop provides extra cushioning, luxurious comfort and additional pressure point relief. The pillowtop pad lays right on top of the mattress. Then the mattress pad and fitted sheet go over both the pillowtop pad and the mattress itself holding the pad in place.

Organic mattresses are made to help with the many allergies that people maintain, for example people who are hypo-allergenic. For people who have environmental allergies or even chemical sensitivities are encouraged to get the organic mattresses. The standard organic mattress requires a doctor's note for purchase because it does not contain any flame-retardant chemicals; however, you may order the Royal-Pedic Organic Cotton Mattress with a wool wrap without a doctor's note since the hypoallergenic wool acts as a natural flame retardant and meets all fire safety codes.

Royal-Pedic Organic Mattresses

Royal-Pedic Organic Cotton Mattress w/ Wool Wrap: This mattress includes a chemical free, French wool wrap and layering of organic cotton. The wool is directly under the covering to provide a natural barrier to the inner organic cotton layers. It is one of the most popular hand made organic mattresses.

Royal-Pedic Organic Cotton Mattress: This mattress is enjoyable for those that love orthopedic support. The mattress features multiple layers of pristine, organic cotton padding that is free from chemical sprays.

Royal-Pedic Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress: This mattress is more on the plush side with the 7-zone natural Latex core. It also has a standard thickness of 7" or the 7-zone thickness of 8". This is a softer, non innerspring mattress that contains more thickness in latex and gives an enhanced shoulder and hip flexibility with correct support for the lower back.

Royal Cloud Organic Pillowtop Mattress: This is the top of the line plush organic pillowtop innerspring mattress. It offers pillowtop pads sewn in on both the top and bottom of the mattress. It comes with many layers of natural latex for added suppleness.

Royal-Pedic Organic Pillowtop Pads: The pillowtop pads provide extra cushioning, comfort and pressure point relief to hips and shoulders to give off the ultimate rest and relaxation.

As you can see, there are many wonderful mattresses that are provided with comfort, health and quality by Royal-Pedic. You will never get anything less than the best sleep and comfort every night.

Bio: Written by Brittney Hatch, product specialist for WhatSheBuys is an authorized Royal-Pedic retailer offering a complete selection of Royal-Pedic Mattress Collections, including the famousRoyal-Pedic Royal Cloud Pillowtop Mattress. WhatSheBuys retails world-class, brands for her, for him, and for child.

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