Article: Sassybax Looks Good Coming and Going

Sassybax was created for women with "real bodies" who need some help keeping their figure looking a little more fit. Amanda Horan Kennedy, founder and designer of Sassybax, introduced the shape wear in 2004 to high-end markets.

Amanda Kennedy has had a love for fashion since her early teens. Her part-time modeling in Dallas led her to become Miss Dallas and Miss Texas. In her junior year of college, Amanda Kennedy decided to move to Los Angeles where she became a working actress. She guest starred in TV shows such as Cheers and appeared in numerous national commercials. After many years in the business, Amanda Kennedy decided to go back to school and earned her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and became a therapist. Her main goal was to help woman with self-esteem issues, bringing an interesting perspective on women's views on their body.

Fear was Amanda Kennedy's reason for creating Sassybax. As fashion began to aim for the slimmer figure, Amanda Kennedy became more fearful for the first time of looking her age. She wanted to create Sassybax as a way of helping other women look and feel more confident in fashions they love. Sassybax quickly caught on and sold $1 million within the first year.

Sassybax is located in Southern California and targeted specific high-end retailers to maintain its customer profile and brand image. By the end of their first year Sassybax was found in 300 high-end specialty stores. Their success in stores and online introduced a line of new styles for 2005.

Sassybax offers products for all women so they may continue to enjoy today's demanding fashions. Sassybax is intended to smooth a women's figure ruling out bra bulge that provides comfort as it slims the back and torso. Amanda Kennedy felt if control-top pantyhose could shape your lower body a control-top bra should be able to do the same for your upper half. So, she cut the legs and crotch off of a pair of control-top pantyhose, slipped it over her head and onto her torso. Kennedy created a basic model with a specific design and function criteria and the Sassybax seamless bra was created.

Sassybax bras are revolutionary, designed with signature microfiber nylon and Lycra that blend to offer shape and support resulting in a smooth silhouette. It is even recommended by some plastic surgeons for use after breast surgery or nursing. Sassybax is available as a torso trim, bralette, bandeau, slimming slip and torso trim tank top with an option of underwire.

Sassybax has many fans which include celebrities like Tyra Banks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Keira Knightley and Vanessa Williams. Sassybax was featured on Time magazine and has been seen The View and the Today Show.

Sassybax has several patents today for creating shape wear that help women look and feel more confident. Sassybax earned approximately $10 million in sales in 2007 from its seamless bras and patented bottom shapers.

Kennedy envisions Sassybax as a leader in innovated intimate apparel. She refuses to produce what's already out in the market place and strives to create original merchandise.

Bio: Written by Bianca Raygoza, product specialist for WhatSheBuys. WhatSheBuys is an authorized Sassybax retailer offering a great selection of Sassybax including the Sassybax Torso Trim and Sassybax Bralette as well as other best-of-category, world-class, brands for her, for him, and for child.

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Article Written - May 18, 2009.