Toys That Promote Toddler Development

The term toddler refers to children who have learned to walk and is also applied to one and two year old children. The toddler stage is very important in a child's life. Here, they learn to walk, talk, solve problems, socialize, and explore, among many other things. Toddlers are ready and eager to explore their surroundings and express themselves through play.

Childhood Development:

1st Year - At this age children begin to learn to utter their first words. Their first words are typically referring to familiar people, possessions, or parts ofthe body. And, as their vocabulary increases they will begin to add verbs. Toddlers are also physically active. Although most toddlers are partnered with peers to encouragesocialization, children at this age only mimic but do not engage actively with other children. Children explore and play the best when they are on their own. Simply equipping them with crayons and paper, shapes and a shape sorter, and building blocks will help them grow and develop. Plush toys with vibrant colors are ideal for babies, as a baby is attracted to the patterns and colors of the toy. Kaloo's award winning plush toys come available in an array of colors and patterns, each with their own beautiful box. At this early stage, you want to give your baby soft toys that they can suck on and cuddle with.

2nd Year - Children begin to understand most of what is said to them and learn an estimated eight words per day. Eventually they will learn to say their first sentences. By listening and reiterating, children will begin to understand basic grammar rules. Your child's strut will also become more adult-like allowing them to direct the motion of a ball using their feet, climb stairs, and pedal a tricycle. At this age, children, of course, are still fragile and you want toy that that is soft, lightweight and versatile. Rhino Toys offers the Rhino Oball that allow a baby to clutch, toss, bounce, and roll and a toddler to throw, kick, carry, and use a soccer ball, volleyball or baseball.

3rd Year - At age three a child is more obliging and skilled. Here, a child is able to speak full, simple sentences and have a vocabulary of at least 300 words. Children also learn to be more social and play well with others. Your child is now also able to identify themselves with their own gender and play house with the girls or carswith the boys. Also, physical activities like running, jumping, and walking become second nature.

4th Year - A four year old now has a vocabulary averaging about 1500 words and is able to communicate effectively and tell stories. Your child, at this age, understands simple rules and their peers now begin to have a real influence on their behavior, like wanting similar possessions as their friends. Their artistic creativity hasalso improved; they can now copy simple geometric patterns, cut and paste, and apply appropriate colors to drawings. Here, it is a good idea to encourage toys that will help further develop their mind. Magna-Tiles encourages fun and creativity with magnetized geometric shapes helping them develop spatial, tactile, patterning, and basic geometry skills.

The toddler years are the most crucial years in the development of your child. It is important to foster your child and allow them to explore and express themselves. Remember, you are your child's first teacher and what you expose them to now will affect their development and success later in life. Therefore, it is important that you provide them with simple toys that will allow them to explore, learn, socialize and solve problems.

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Article Written - August 28, 2008.