Why Purchase UGG?

Why Purchase UGG Brand Boots? Why not? Many people have caught on to why everyone should own a pair of UGGs. But I have met many people who just don't get it.

How it came to be: Surfers in Australia designed the UGG boot as necessary equipment for their sport. They used them for after they surfed. They would come to shore and need something to keep their feet warm, so they used UGGs. It was an absolute must have. Surfer Brian Smith made his way over to Southern California in 1978 for the beaches, and Hollywood found him. Actually - they found his boots. Hollywood loved them, and a result of that, the UGG Australia business began to expand. With UGG fans like Oprah Winfrey praising the boots time and again, they soon became the must-haves here in the U.S. not only for comfort and warmth, but as the new definition of attainable luxury.

Fashion statement galore! Due to its huge celebrity fan base, UGG has grown to be not only a comfort but a fashion. As stated before, it is a must have. Celebrities are seen every day wearing UGGs. When they first started out, they only had a few pair of UGG boots and UGG slippers in the whole collection. It is now constantly expanding to new casual styles such as flats and flip-flops and they never stop redesigning their classic collection with new in-season patterns and colors.

Outstanding Quality! UGG uses only the best cuts of twin-faced sheepskin (treated on both sides). Don't settle for knock off boots. They cut corners. Many UGG imitations are not quality sheepskin, they are cowhide with fleece sewn in. Cowhide doesn't breathe nearly as well as sheepskin, and it simply isn't worth taking the chance on quality. Avoid ending up with a hot, sweaty boot that is not worth what you spent on it. When shopping for boots, go for the best because you typically won't wear socks with this type of shoe and imitation boots will be prone to many other quality and comfort issues.

Maximum Comfort! Although there is a lot of hype out there about how gorgeous UGG boots are, many people still can't stop thinking, "What's so special about UGGs?" Comfort. Many people start off by thinking that they are not the most attractive things in the world, but I am personally convinced that the comfort factor in fact makes them more attractive. The soft fleece cradles your whole foot creating a dreamy, plush pillow that you enjoy all day. With combined support and softness, no one who purchases a pair of UGGs is losing. Even people that may not like the style of UGGS will find them hard to resist once they put them on. I absolutely hated the look of UGGs until I put them on. No one who puts on a pair of UGGs will ever be able to pull themselves away from them.

So, "Why should every man, woman and child own at least one pair of UGGs?" UGG has transformed the face of fashion. Fashion used to be "no pain no gain". Now, with UGGs in the picture, fashion is comfort.

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Article Written - August 06, 2008.