Finding Unique Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the soon to be arrival for one of your friends or family. The games are fun, the food usually good and the company even better, but many women stress on coming up with a unique baby shower gift. Here are five tips to make sure you come up with a great gift that will actually be used in the nursery and not returned to the store.

Step 1 - Make sure that it is not too easily found. Although the gesture is great, remember our goal is to make sure that this gift gets used and not returned to the store. A common gift from Target or other large chain store that anyone could have bought is so common that much of the times it finds its way back to the store shelf. Try local boutiques or shopping online.

Step 2 - Quality gift. Make sure that you are buying a great gift. Example, if you decide on shopping for soft baby blankets make sure you get a great brand. Nothing is worse than having one of your girlfriends showing up with a similar gift, but her gift is nicer, softer and better quality. A great brand for baby blankets is Barefoot Dreams. So soft and cozy, you will be sure that no one has a better baby blanket gift.

Step 3 - Age appropriate. Remember you are going to a "baby" shower. Make sure you bring a gift geared toward a baby. The earlier in life the baby can use the gift the more useful it will be for mom when the baby arrives. Gifts better suited for children over six months may well find its way to the returns department or lost in back of the closet.

Step 4 - Trendy. See what the celebrity mom's are using. These are people where generally money is no object and they get the best. If you see a trend, chances are it is going to be a great gift at the baby shower. An example of a trendy gift is Little Giraffe baby blankets, from being seen on episodes of Desperate Housewives to being carried by stars such as Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes, Little Giraffe blankets are a trendy and hot gift that will be a favorite of the shower.

Step 5 - Color appropriate. The last tip may sound extremely simple, but you would be surprised how many times it is ignored. Make sure you know (if at all possible) the sex of the baby to be and choose your color wisely. Not saying that if it is a girl you have to go pink or a boy you have to go blue, but then again don't give that girl to be a blue blanket. If you can't find out the sex of the child, unisex colors such as white, yellow or light green work the best. Don't guess here.

If you're thinking that the gesture is the most important thing, you are probably right. However, it is still nice when you come over in three months for dinner and see your gift being used. Let the person who has her gift returned right away hold onto the belief that the gesture is the most important thing. We will concentrate on giving a unique baby shower gift that will get used. By putting in the extra effort to search for that unique gift, you are rewarded by watching that child enjoy what you gave them. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your gift out of the returns department. Creative Commons License
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Article Written - April 6, 2008.