Wacoal and How It Started

Wacoal was founded in 1946 by a Japanese man named Koichi Tsukamoto. He started a trading company in Kyoto, Japan in 1946, a time when few women had heard of bras. He had introduced bras, girdles, bikini underwear and even frilly nightgowns. The company was renamed the Wacoal Corporation in 1957 and had quickly become a household name. He started this company to help women feel better about themselves and to let it be known that they matter. Koichi stated, "Before the war, everything in Japan, including its education, was male dominated...A woman would walk behind a man with her head down." He no longer wanted that to happen.

Wacoal bras became so well known that it now has 15 oversea subsidiaries, including United States, Singapore, Thailand, France, China and Vietnam. This company was the first and is still the leading lingerie maker in Japan.

This company has been internationally known for their best fitting and highest quality bras in the world. It has been nearly two decades since Wacoal has had success in America. The company makes sure to spend months on developing every bra and panty design, and guaranteeing perfection and complete satisfaction. The size range Wacoal carries can go from a petite 32AA to a full size 44DDD. This company makes sure to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

There are so many bras for any shape and size that you can have something cute and comfortable as the Bra seamless push-up with stretch lace to something sexy like the Wacoal Luxe Contour Bra. There are so many bras to choose from, that no matter which one is picked, there will be complete satisfaction.

In 1999, Wacoal launched an Awareness Bra campaign in conjunction with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. It had been said that the company utilized its entire workforce to send the message that education can save a life. The Wacoal Awareness Bra is designed to serve as a health reminder at home for women. The bra is easily identified because it is marked with the breast cancer awareness ribbon logo.

One of Wacoal's major focuses for their worldwide company would end up being customer service. In order to help women all over the world find a bra that actually fits, Wacoal developed the technologically advanced Silhouette Analyzer. This analyzer allowed women to see themselves in a different way than ever before. A built in computer draws an outline of the women's shape and it appears on a monitor screen. Then, a trained specialist fits the customer with a bra and panty that will change her silhouette based on her personal shaping needs. After that is complete, the Silhouette Analyzer will draw another comparison, proving the customer can feel comfortable, pretty and secure in the items she wears.

Wacoal is aware of the difficulties women face when bra shopping. To help with some of the anxiety, the company holds over 800 fit events annually through the country. One of which was held at WhatSheBuys on May 15th 2009. Wacoal has made sure that their team of fit specialists is there to assist customers on a daily basis.

Wacoal has come a long way from the beginning of their company until now. They are confident that every customer will be satisfied with the quality of their merchandise and that they will not be disappointed. There is no other bra and panty company that can help make women feel secure and comfortable in the items they wear like Wacoal can.

Bio: Written by Brittney Hatch, a product specialist for WhatSheBuys. WhatSheBuys is a 5 star rated Yahoo merchant with an AAA rating from the Better Business Bureau. WhatSheBuys carries world class brands for women, men and children including Wacoal Bras and Wacoal Underwear.

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Article Written - July 15, 2009.