Wedding Gift Etiquette

Gifts are more than just giving randomly selected items to another person. Gifts have the potential to be very meaningful and can be a reflection on your relationship with the receiver. Other than birthdays and Christmas, weddings provide the opportunity to be creative and considerate with your gifts. The wedding present you bestow upon the newlyweds is a physical representation of the love and support you are giving them as they embark on their new life together. But most guests of the wedding have a difficult time finding the right gift and deciding exactly how much money is appropriate to spend. No one wants to be cheap but there is a definite line of being cheap and going broke.

The number one most important rule in wedding gift etiquette is to give what you can afford. You have to take in many monetary considerations when you are invited to a wedding. Expenses don't only reach to just one main wedding gift so it probably isn't very wise to break the bank on one large gift. Things to factor in are: am I going to a destination wedding? Am I providing my own lodging? The couple will understand if you shell out the cash to travel to where they are having the ceremony that a large present simply isn't in your budget. Many people forget a wedding doesn't begin and end with the actual ceremony. In most cases, you will be obligated to other celebrations such as the bridal shower, engagement party, and the bachelor or bachelorette party. Budget for all of these things and giving meaningful gifts that you can afford will be easy.

However there is a basic rule of thumb to estimate how much money should be spent on the wedding gift. Of course this can vary due to age, location, and personal budget but if you are attending a wedding for a co-worker or someone in a like-position around $75-$100 is appropriate. If it is for a relative or friend about $100-$125, but if it is a close friend or close relative pricing should range from $100 to around $150. These prices are for a single guest, remember etiquette tells us these prices should be doubled if bringing someone along with you. If you are still unsure or uncomfortable with how much you should spend on a gift, don't be afraid to ask other guests. Other guests in the same social circle can provide some idea of what they are spending and how much you should spend accordingly.

Most people like to stick with the gift registry that the bride and groom signed up for. It is the perfect way to make sure you are giving something that the couple really wants and you don't have to spend hours shopping for something you think they might like. But when the gift registry isn't an option, personalized gifts and gifts to help them start their new home are perfect and always welcomed.

A gift like the Lucy Ann Sterling Silver Special Edition Large Heart Pendant is sure to wow the bride. It features a cute hand-stamped bride and groom and can be personalized with the bride and groom's name on the front. You also can have the date of the big day hand-stamped on the back. They haven't set a date yet? No problem, the Lucy Ann Sterling Silver Heart Pendant has two lines on the back available for hand-stamping the birthdays of the both the bride and the groom. The bride can wear it on a bracelet, necklace, or any way she chooses to show off the pendant commemorating her big day.

The newlyweds will need basic items to start decorating their home together. Appliances are widely popular but definitely lack a personal touch. A luxurious blanket like the Little Giraffe Luxe Throw is a great alternative to an appliance. The couple will love the opportunity to snuggle together on the couch underneath the ultra plush feeling of this particular throw. It comes in various basic colors so matching it with the couple's style will be easy because no color is a wrong choice.

A meaningful, well-thought out gift is the way to go when choosing an item to give at a wedding. Even if they couple requests no gifts they still will appreciate a gesture like donating to their favorite charity in their name. Remember to be creative and add the couple's personal style when choosing a wedding gift. But keep in mind, the most important thing about choosing a gift for the bride and groom, regardless of money, is that it's the thought that counts.

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