Article: The History of Bridal Shower Gifts

The Bridal or even wedding shower had started back around the 1890's when friends and family would put small gifts in parasols that were opened over the bride's head. The history of the bridal shower started in the country of Holland. It seemed to make a big impact when a young Dutch girl from a prominent family fell madly in love with a young man who's family was millers. She wanted to marry him, but knew that her family would disapprove because of his stature.

The girl was so heartbroken about how her family would react to the fact that she loved this miller. The father would not provide any dowry (gifts to help establish their home as a couple starts their lives together as husband and wife.) So without that, he figured that his daughter would not be able to get married. However, when friends and the community heard about this, they were sadden and got together by bringing gifts showering the couple so they could establish a home allowing the couple to be together. The father was overwhelmed from all the people that he eventually gave into the marriage and helped provide gifts for their happy home. From that day forward, it has become custom for the future bride's friends and family to bring her gifts showering her before she starts her new journey.

Today, bridal showers have developed into a party of celebrations as her last days before she begins her new journeys of life with the one she loves. Traditionally, guests would bring the bride to be; useful gifts and accessories that would help both the bride and groom with their new marriage and to establish a home. An interesting fact is that the bridal shower term first originated from Grand Rapids, Michigan and has since spread and taken on a different form along with time. With the addition of different ideas, but the basic theme would remain the same for the bridal shower.

Many showers are planned and decorated around a certain theme for the couples wedding. However, there have been change in the history of bridal showers and that would be the bridal shower favors. The bride typically chooses her favors based on her wedding theme or favors with phrases. The reason for favors is to spread thanks to all of the bride's guests for celebrating and sharing the bridal shower and or their special wedding day. Shower party favors have developed over the years with unique designs and styles that are not only adorable, but also reflect the variety of themes that the event is planned for.

Bridal showers are also known to have friends of the bride getting together and sharing different things related to their marriages and how it had been through this time so that the bride to be can define for herself as to what is truly best for her. Bridal shower parties have been known to be spontaneous with the incorporation of decorations, themes, food, games and a lot of other aspects to make the bridal party a special one to remember.

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As you can see, bridal shower gifts and themes have started from back in the day and have carried out through the years to our present time. Even if some of the events have changed until now, the concept is still there. Making sure that the bride to be is having a great time before she is forever united with her soul mate. Bridal showers are great events that have taken place for many years and will continue to for many years to come.

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Article Written - August 4, 2009.