Zoobie Pets Plush Collection

What is a Zoobie? Zoobie Pets are a 3-in-1 concept that consists of a charming plush animal, comfy pillow and soft blanket. Zoobies were created by two young brothers who desired to invent something fun that was innovative for kids and practical for parents and travel. Zoobie plush animals are inspired by the jungles of India, forests of China, the Wetlands of the Congo, and the Arctic North.

To work your Zoobie, simply unhook the Velcro loop latches to transform it to a comfy pillow. Unzip the zipper located on the bottom of each Zoobie to reveal a soft blanket stored inside. The blanket can easily completely unzip from the Zoobie when needed or for washing purposes.

The blankets accompanied with your Zoobie Pets are made of coral fleece, the softest type of fleece, which is machine washable and easy to refold. All Zoobie pets come with an individual body texture and color and need to be spot cleaned. Zoobie Pets have a signature microbead head that is soft and fun to squeeze.

The Zoobie Pets come in two collections, ZOO and Safari, and are available in three different sizes which vary on animal type; Jumbo, Pets, and Pets Baby. And all the Zoobie Pets say they are recommended for ages three and up but are safely tested for all ages.

Zoobie Jumbo has a blanket size of 90" x 60"

Zoobie Pets has a blanket size of 55" x 33"

Zoobie Pets Baby has a blanket size of 29" x 33" and is perfect for your diaper bag or purse. (Zoobie Pets Baby is the perfect size for children under two years of age).

The ZOO Collection offers:

Orazio the Orangutan - A limited edition Zoobie that comes from the mystic rainforests of Borneo.

Khimba the Koala and Baby Kai - A limited edition Zoobie with a fun microbead stuffed nose. Khimba's hands attach with Velcro allowing baby Kai to hang on to its mother. Inside Khimba, you'll find a super soft coral fleece blanket to keep your little one comfy.

Gogo the Gorilla - A limited edition blue colored gorilla that comes to you from the jungles of the Congo.

Bobo the Baboon - A limited edition multi-colored face baboon with an acrylic body. Inside, you'll find a super soft coral fleece blanket.

Poallu the Polar Bear - A classic Zoobie pet with fluffy thick fur and embroidered paws. Inside you'll find a super soft coral fleece blanket.

Ping the Panda - A classic Zoobie pet that comes to you from the bamboo forests of China. This Zoobie encloses a super soft coral fleece blanket.

Tama the Tortoise - A classic Zoobie pet with a purple checkered shell from the Galapagos Island.

Taj the Tiger - From the mystic jungles of India, comes the softest Zoobie ever.

The Safari collection offers:

Hada the Hippo - A most popular friend, this plump hippo has a stuffed multibead head and a soft pink velour body.

Mashaka the Monkey - A limited edition award-winning ape chosen by Toy Directory and won the Top Toy award for 2007.

Lencho the Lion - A classic Zoobie pet with super soft yellow chenille body material.

Ellema the Elephant - An extremely cozy companion. This classic Zoobie pet has a blue crinkle chenille body and encloses a blue super soft coral fleece blanket.

Kojo the Croc - A classic Zoobie pet with bumpy green plush body material, enclosing a green coral fleece blanket.

Jafaru the Giraffe - A classic Zoobie pet and is the plush toy of choice for many kids. Jafaru encloses a super soft coral fleece blanket and has a brown spotted velour body.

Zoobies are the ultimate travel companion. They are fun for kids, yet practical and something that your little one will not want to be without. With a variety of animals and colors to pick from, you can be sure you'll choose the right Zoobie for your special little guy or girl. They are ideal for long trips that can easily transform from a friend, to a cuddly pillow, to a soft blanket.

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Article Written - December 30, 2008.