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HighWave TEAmo XL 16 oz



The HighWave TEAmo XL 16 oz. Insulated Beverage Travel Tumbler has a patented technology that will keep your drink hot (or cold) for 6 hours or more, plus it includes a tea infuser that fits securely inside the upper chamber when closed. The HighWave TEAmo XL Insulated Beverage Travel Tumbler is designed to fit inside most car cup holders, has patented vacuum technology, 360° opening, 100% leak-proof construction, and an on/off push plate to easily open and close your tumbler with one hand, making it ideal for tea drinkers on the go.

As an added benefit the HighWave TEAmo XL Insulated Beverage Travel Tumbler easily comes apart for easy cleaning and the top is interchangeable with the straw top available on the HighWave Jocool 16 oz., making it ideal for cold drinks as well.

Color: Silver.

Size: 9 1/2" H x 2 1/2" D. Holds 16oz / 475ml.

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HighWave TEAmo XL 16 oz Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Best To-Go Coffee Thermos I've Found
By Dean from Oakland, CA from on 7/17/2014
This is one of the best insulated coffee cups I've come across, and I have tried many. It keeps coffee hot longer than anything I've used. The lid seals tight, even without the extra screw cap. It can go inside a bag and won't leak - provided the lid push button is closed properly. That said, I have to say there is room for improvement. It isn't very stable, the size is pretty tall, narrow and is uniformly cylindrical. It will fall over and roll right off the table or onto the floor of the car (speaking from experience). The lid is fragile (hollow plastic) and breaks quite easily on impact. I've broken three. Also there is a bit of a learning curve with the lid. Because it dispenses all around the lid, it can pour unexpectedly and takes some getting used to. Finally, if the push button is ready to dispense and it tips over it will empty its entire contents all over your car or lap in short order. Nevertheless, I bought another one and will continue to buy replacement lids as needed. They are that good.
Verified Buyer
Finally found the perfect tumblr!
By Anonymous from on 2/18/2013
I've been looking for a tea-infuser tumblr and this was the perfect one! Fast shipping and great service so I could use this as soon as possible during the winter.
Verified Buyer
By DW from Wyoming from on 1/20/2013
Two of these were gifts to others. Feedback from them is very positive for the item. I bought from you because your model came with the tea infuser.
Verified Buyer
The best 6 hour hot or cold cup!!!
By Amy from Peru,IL from on 11/27/2012
This is the best cup for hot or cold!! I does keep your drinks hot for 6 plus hour. I have also had ice in it that has lasted over 6 hours.( on a 80 degree day). I have bought 3 now as gifts for family members.This cup is worth every cent! You will be very happy you got one! I WOULD RECOMMEND IT.