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HighWave moJOEmo 22oz Insulated Beverage Travel Mug



The Highwave MoJOEmo Insulated Beverage Travel Mug uses a patented technology that will keep your drink hot or cold for up to eight hours. A large 22 oz. design features a 360° drink top with an easy to use push top open and closure. With the final top on, the MoJOEmo becomes leak-proof making it just as useful in the car as it will be at your desk. The silicone base, ergonomic handle and stainless steel body makes this mug visibly attractive.


  • Size: 6 3/4" H x 4 1/4" D base and 2 1/4" D top

HighWave moJOEmo 22oz Insulated Beverage Travel Mug Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Best mug by far!!
By Emmett from Pittsburgh from on 3/5/2014
I love my hot drinks hot and this mug is the one... hours after I poured my hot tea into it. it was still piping hot. i even fell asleep and when I woke up hours later, it was still very hot. I remember thinking " - it's not going to cool down for me to finish it" - . It was worth every penny!! I know I will need another, because someone will hijack this one!! .
Verified Buyer
HighWave beverage travel mug
By Joe from New York from on 12/31/2013
Excellent construction and function...keeps coffee very hot and doesn't leak. Very stable and easy to drink from.
Verified Buyer
You should add vacuum just before Travel.
By Robin from Clovis, CA from on 12/24/2013
Keeps coffee hot, and you don't have to worry about tipping over the mug.
Verified Buyer
22 OZ mug
By Freddie N. Verner from Cohoes, NY from on 10/6/2013
Very good in several ways.
Verified Buyer
Great product.
By Beth from Farmer City, IL from on 7/6/2013
My husband has tried several types of insulated mugs but this one is by far the best. It's a great design, totally leak proof and keeps your drinks hot for a long time!
Verified Buyer
Good product.
By BB hiker from Las Vegas from on 5/13/2013
This one is yet the best in keeping my drink warm. It doesn't leak. I like the shape of it.
Verified Buyer
Best insulated travel mug ever!
By Maria O Padron from Green Bay, WI from on 4/2/2013
I had been looking for a travel (and well insulated) mug for a long time. Where I live I looked everywhere possible. What was I looking for? A large round bottom no skid traveling coffee/beverage mug that didn't leak and kept all beverages at their temp for along as possible. It also had to be as leak proof as possible as well as clean up breeze. Well the last one I can live w/o. Nothing is that breezy unless its a *Plate!* lol.

I also got it for going to church since we can bring a mug of any kind of beverage into church. (yay!) But the tendency to know over the mug (my husband and I are hopeless clumsy people) and get coffee everywhere is quite embarrassing to say the least. Well no more and we are very happy (naturally clumsy) people. Thanks.
Verified Buyer
Keeps my beverages cold for hours!
By Jess from on 2/18/2013
I love this mug! Although it's a bit wide, it's easy to carry around for my mornings .
Verified Buyer
By Steve from Weeki Wachee, Florida from on 12/24/2012
keeps coffee hot all morning! Great product. l Love it. Though I would love it even more if it were made here in the U.S.
Verified Buyer
love it
By Paula from Carlsbad NM from on 11/15/2012
My husband love this coffee mug its his favorite and this is the second on I've bought for him only because hes had the other for about a year...
Verified Buyer
Product review
By Beth from Emmaus, PA from on 7/8/2012
This product is great. Never leaks and keeps you coffee hot.
Great product.
Verified Buyer
Ideal Coffee Mug
By Bernie from Huntsville, AL from on 2/24/2012
Keeps my coffee hot all morning and never spills
Verified Buyer
An excellent wide bottom beverage travel mug.
By Linda from California from on 2/10/2012
I have looked for a wide bottom insulated mug for a long time. I have been using the ones with a small bottom and wider top which I think is the standard. I often forget to put the plug in at the top when I am drinking out of it. Either I bump it when reaching for something or my cat bumps it and it falls over and spills. The center of balance on this mug is perfect. If you bump it it does not spill. It also keeps things warm for hours and has other fine qualities. It also holds 22 oz. I only have to make one coffee a day this way and can drink it as slowly as I prefer over the entire day.
Verified Buyer
Very good
By Glenn from Denver Colorado from on 1/14/2012
This mug is the best I had yet.Filled it with coffee at 8 in the morning just to see if it would stay hot for 8 hours like they say.checked it at 5 that night and still could not drink it to hot. their site was easy to order from and came real quick. great service.
Verified Buyer
Love this travel mug
By Linda from Florida from on 1/1/2012
I bring this to work everyday - tea stays hot for at least 6hrs then warm for 5 more hrs. The insulation does wear off after a few months.
Verified Buyer
My husband LOVES it!
By Kristi from Seattle from on 12/26/2011
Awesome mug which keeps coffee very hot. He especially loves the button on top to seal it off so no heat escapes. After looking extensively online for this product, whatshebuys had the lowest price and free shipping on top of that low price. I called in first to verify the item would go out that day (it did) and got a very courteous girl who answered all my questions. Will definitely purchase from this website again. Thank you for making my husband's holiday merry!
Verified Buyer
By Pat from Austin TX from on 12/9/2011
I thought this mechanism was unnecessarily complicated and fragile. Gave it to somebody who used it for a white elephant gift exchange at a party. I did give it 3 stars, because it probably does keep food/beverages hot or cold longer than the normal travel mug.
Verified Buyer
Great for Soup
By Deborah from Lubbock TX from on 11/16/2011
Our daughter liked her MoJOE so much that I am ordering another this year in a different color for her for soup. When its snowy she will not have to go out in the cold if she doesn't want to. I am also purchasing one for my husband and me.
Verified Buyer
The best replacement for my Eddie Bauer wide base metal mug
By Cnotes from Monterey, CA from on 8/8/2011
I bought an Eddie Bauer wide base metal mug in 1989 made by Bergschrun Co in Korea. I have searched the world and the mojoe is the closest thing that exists. It keeps hot or cold as advertised and works perfectly.
Verified Buyer
Best all day mug ever
By Marcie from Southwest Wisconsin from on 8/5/2011
This was purchased to replace the mug (identical to this) that was stolen! My husband is a "sipper" and this mug keeps his coffee at his preferred drinking temp for hours. When closed, even without the additional sealing top, it is leak proof. It is stable in a vehicle due to the silicone bottom ring and the overall shape. HighWave gets a high five for this mug, as does WhatSheBuys for offering it.
Verified Buyer
Excellent product
By Art from Lake Gogebic, MI from on 7/24/2011
Great at keeping things cold in this REALLY hot weather we have had of late.
Verified Buyer
Travel Mug
By David Lane from Palm Bay, Fl. from on 7/22/2011
Very nice mug. .
Verified Buyer
By nv trotter from california from on 6/7/2011
Peforms as stated. This is an outstanding product, your search for a coffee/tea mug has ended. All the rest of the thermal mugs on the market are jokes compaired to this product. I read some of the complaints about this product and all i can say is that some people have to complain even if it is unfounded. Pros: - eveything Cons: - nothing
Verified Buyer
By Ann from St. Petersburg, FL from on 4/12/2011
If I could give a better than 5 star review I would. Your service is beyond belief the best I have ever received. The 22 oz Travel Mug is what I have been looking for for a very long time. It does not tip over. It keeps my beverage cold (I do not do hot). It is attractive and easy to clean. I am very pleased.
Verified Buyer
Review for HighWave moJOEmo 22oz Insulated Beverage Travel Mug
By BK from on 2/3/2011
I love this mug. I've been looking for a wide based travel mug that was larger than 16 ounces since all my 20 oz mugs got worn out. This is perfect, and the lid design really makes it easy to use. It keeps my coffee hot all day, even sitting in a cold car, so I have hot coffee at the end of the day. I've had it still be warm after as long as 14 hours. The only problem I've had has been with the lid. It is sometimes difficult to push the button the first time after you've filled it and it creates a vacuum inside. I've had the button on one break already, so I was glad I ordered the extra top for it. Perhaps having the lid open when you first put it on will alleviate this issue, but I haven't tried that yet.