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HighWave JOEmo / moJOEmo Spare Travel Top



The HighWave JOEmo/moJOEmo Spare Travel Top is a necessity for consumers who use their Highwave Travel Mug on a daily basis, but don't want to wash their lid every day. Also, in event of damage to the original lid, you can replace the top without having to replace the entire mug!

This black top fits the HighWave JOEmo XL 16oz Insulated Beverage Travel Tumbler, HighWave moJOEmo 22oz Insulated Beverage Travel Mug, HighWave TEAmo XL 16oz Insulated Beverage Travel Tumbler, HighWave JOEmo TC, and the original HighWave JOEmo.

HighWave JOEmo / moJOEmo Spare Travel Top Reviews

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Verified Buyer
HighWave JOEmo Spare Tops
By Shirley from Gilbert, Arizona from on 1/16/2015
The JOEmo travel thermos is a great size, holds a lot of coffee, and fits in all cup holders. The tops will crack if you drop them, though, so it's good to have a spare or two on hand. Glad to be able to find them available without having to buy a whole new canister. Thank you.
Verified Buyer
Travel top
By Daryl from Brookfield, Wi. from on 1/4/2015
Looks great on arrival.
Verified Buyer
Spare Travel Top: HighWave JOEmo
By EsIn Wis from Madison, Wisconsin from on 11/14/2014
The top on my husband's favorite thermos broke. WhatSheBuys had that replacement. Skeptical husband said, " - It won't fit!" - " - Trust me on this," - I told him. The price was surprisingly low ... and it arrived sooner than anticipated and fit perfectly!
Verified Buyer
XL Jomo lid
By Ann from Omaha, NE from on 10/12/2014
It works great and got to my house within a week
Verified Buyer
By Dee from Warren, Maine from on 10/1/2014
I am so happy to be able to get the replacement top for my awesome mug. service was fast and the top is perfect .
Verified Buyer
Perfect replacement cap
By Katharine from Oakdale, Minnesota from on 9/14/2014
It's the perfect replacement cap for my JoeMo tea/coffee mug. Fits well. Arrived very quickly in the mail. Thank you.
Verified Buyer
Spare JOEmo cap
By Hal from Chicago from on 5/4/2014
After years of use, I dropped my JOEmo travel thermos and cracked the top. This replacement worked perfectly, and I was very pleased with two things about WhatSheBuys: no shipping charge and speedy delivery.
Verified Buyer
MoJOEmo Spare Travel Top
By Rich from Ames, IA from on 4/14/2014
Replace the original that I damaged. Free shipping.
Verified Buyer
By Terry from Cold, beautiful, Montana from on 2/28/2014
Didn't realize how bad the old lid had gotten over three years of use. This one fits perfectly and now I'm back to having piping hot coffee even after seven (7) hours in the Joemo.

For six bucks. Geez, I waited way too long!
Verified Buyer
By Steve from Alaska from on 1/10/2014
A quality product for a good price and I got it fast.
Verified Buyer
Joemo sparetops
By Wil Mckenzie from Ohio from on 10/17/2013
We love the travel mugs and accidents do happen. We always keep 2 extra tops and our supply ran out. This store provided me with the tops in new condition with fast shipping. I am very satisfied with the customer service of this store. I will use them again.
Verified Buyer
Seems to work fine...so far...
By Marg from CA from on 5/25/2013
So far so good my experience is that this cup is great but tops all start to fail at some point so had to stock up on a few...we'll see how they stack up to the originals -maybe better I hope.
Verified Buyer
mo JOEmo Spare Travel Top
By Carmen E. from , TX from on 1/3/2013
As much as I love my moJOEmo - which I have with me all day long,the top is not a great one. Really cracks and break very easy. Also is a little hard to clean. But - in the other hand, it works great along with the bottle, in keeping your drinks hot or cold for a very long time. It's also spill proof. In general works perfectly. Pros: - Spill proof, help keep your drinks hot or cold for a very long time( more than 6 hours) Cons: - It cracks and break really easy Merchant Response:
Verified Buyer
Perfect fit
By Donna from Oklahoma from on 11/26/2012
We have several Joemo Travel Mugs and needed replacement lids. What a surprise to find them online ! They fit perfectly!
Verified Buyer
High Wave JoeMo
By Ray Wharton from Rockville, MD from on 9/24/2012
This is the best coffee mug out there. My coffee stays hot to very warm for the 45 minutes it takes me to drive to work
Verified Buyer
Great Price for a Great Item
By Curt from Muskegon, MI from on 7/6/2012
I have had a JoeMo coffee cup for years! It in itself is a great product. However... I keep dropping the cup in parking lots and cracking or breaking apart the lid -- not every piece of the thing can be stainless steel! This is the best price I have ever found on the replacement lid!
Verified Buyer
Geat idea
By C from on 5/27/2012
Great item. Now I can keep using my purple highwave
Verified Buyer
Hhighwave joemo
By Tom from South Bethany Beach, DE from on 5/26/2012
I am very satisfied. they are better than the original .
Verified Buyer
Great deal!
By Pam from Anchorage, Alaska from on 4/30/2012
I purchased this item at a great price and free shipping.
Verified Buyer
Thrilled to find a lid replacement
By Kim from Ponca City from on 3/29/2012
I was very happy not to have to dispose of my JOEmo when my lid broke - I like the new lid even better!
Verified Buyer
Great replacement
By Joe from Ann Arbor from on 3/17/2012
I bought my Joemo at a coffee shop and lost the lid. This fits my small joemo, and works well.
Verified Buyer
JOEmo replacement tops are the same as original
By Earl B from Woodstock, Connecticut from on 2/19/2012
These replacement JOEmo tops are functionally the same as the original with the exception of the stainless steel disk. It works fine but the concern for keeping the internal parts clean is still there. Taking it apart risks losing or breaking the small parts. Only soaking and hot water flushing seems to work.
Verified Buyer
Vast improvement
By Nel Ville from San Jose CA from on 2/15/2012
The old style black plastic lid was clunky didn't work half the time, this new style works flawlessly.
Verified Buyer
It worked
By Ann from Washington DC from on 1/29/2012
I couldn't tell if this would fit my small JOEmo but I ordered anyway and it fit perfectly so I didn't have to buy a new one. Great price! Great service.
Verified Buyer
Have not used yet
By Glenn from Denver Colorado from on 1/14/2012
can not say got this for a spare if needed. store service was good tho. Easy to order. Came quick.
Good condition Just ordered it for the coffee that I got. .