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Kettler Kettrikes Seat Belt



The Kettler Seat Belt with Kettler logo makes your child's rides a little more safe. Can be added to any Kettrike.

Kettler Kettrikes Seat Belt Reviews

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Easy to use!
By Michaela from Massachusetts from on 4/2/2013
Love how easy it was to install this on my son's trike! Perfect size and the long adjustable strap is convenient.
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A necessity
By Jodie from on 2/21/2013
Perfect for the too-little toddlers who might slip out of the chair.
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Product does the job
By Charlie from Old bridge, NJ from on 6/28/2011
Could be designed as car seat belts are. Must slide leg into loop. The belt is required and should be included with the tandem insert.Someone purchasing a $250 trike is interested in safety and quality. This reeks of trying to squeeze grandpa out of another.
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Review for Kettler Kettrikes Seat Belt
By Bob from on 2/8/2010
Allows our grandson the independence and freedom to ride.
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Review for Kettler Kettrikes Seat Belt
By Brittany from on 9/15/2008
We purchased both the seat belt and foot rest for our son who is too young/little to pedal himself. Both items work great. The seatbelt is definitely made for smaller children & not extendable so it might not fit a large kid. It also isn't super convenient - the buckle is on the side rather than the middle like most strollers so you have to slip one leg in first to fasten the buckle... But over all both products do the trick and we couldn't be happier with this tricycle (Air Navagator)!!!! It exceeded our expectations- which were pretty steep considering the price point. The seat belt was a little cheaper on other sites, but it was extremly convenient to have everything come together in the same box. and the free shipping from this site was very quick :)
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Review for Kettler Kettrikes Seat Belt
By Vanessa from on 8/22/2008
Seat belt and foot pad works great on my older daughter's Kettrike for my younger daughter. I could have bought them at other online stores, but I knew what to expect from this web site, as I've bought other items before.