When Sharyn Newberg was unable to find any blankets for her newborn son that were suitably luxurious and easy-to-clean, she set out to create one on her kitchen table. The resulting products have energized boutiques across the country and have turned her home-grown company, The Little Giraffe, Inc., into one of the fastest-growing in the industry.

Little Giraffe Luxury Products For Children and Adults

Little Giraffe's extensive product offerings currently encompass not only a line including Little Giraffe baby blankets, but a variety of children's specialty items including burpies and hooded towels.

Available in soft-toned pastels and gorgeous earthtones, Little Giraffe products are as beautiful as they are easy to care for. Machine-washable, this fabric should not pill, so long as the washing instructions are followed, and the drying temperature is kept very low. Go ahead and treat yourself as well as your baby!