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Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket


The Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket is double-sided Little Giraffe Chenille trimmed in a gorgeous matching satin that is cool and soothing to the touch. This incredibly soft blanket will never leave your child's side! This item is perfect for the crib.


  • Size:29" x 35". (Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly).
  • Fabric:Chenille front, chenille back and a matching satin picture frame border.


Little Giraffe was founded with the mission of creating the most luxurious, modern and exclusive baby apparel on the market. Each product was designed with minimalist style, featuring lush, playful colors and prints. With a comittment to quality, Little Giraffe products are crafted using only the highest quality fabrics and ultra soft finishes. After their huge success and due to popular demand, the company launched their home collection to offer products for adults and families. From adorable giraffes plush toys for the little ones to oversized throws for YOU, Little Giraffe has everything you need to cuddle up in comfort with the ones you love the most.  

Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Amazing Blanket
By Heather from Hollister, CA from on 11/11/2014
Received this blanket for my daughter when she was born 11 years ago. She still sleeps with is every night. Love it!! Pros: - Color, softness!!
Verified Buyer
Little Giraffe Chenille
By Virginia Kayser from Hopewell, NJ from on 10/13/2014
Love this blanket. Soft, smooth, wears well. Cons: - would like lavendar again.
Verified Buyer
babies first blanket
By nanci from fresno, ca from on 7/19/2014
experience was great as usual. have purchased 5 of these blankets and always satisfied with everything including the delivery, wrapping and quality of merchandise. this little giraffe blanket is difficult to find. Pros: - wonderful baby blanket. have purchase one for each of my grandchildren Cons: - nothing
Verified Buyer
Ultimate Baby Gift
By Melinda from Santa Cruz, CA from on 7/15/2014
My husband and I have given many of these lovely blankets for baby shower or new baby presents. They are universally well received and the children continue to love them long after they've left the baby stage. Pros: - Beautiful, incredibly soft and cuddly, pastel colors, washable and very useful. Cons: - Nothing at all.
Verified Buyer
best blanket evet
By Tracy from Indiana from on 6/14/2014
My son won't go to bed without his Little Giraffe blanket which he calls night-night. So now I buy it for every baby shower as the big box blankets don't compare. Pros: - Soft, great colors
Verified Buyer
Every baby should have one!
By Mommy to 2 from New York from on 7/5/2013
Soft, cuddly, and warm...will provide comfort and security to little ones for years to come! This blanket becomes that symbolic "blankie" you see in pictures with young children. For my children, it is "blue blankie" and "pink blankie" It is a great go-to baby gift if you would like to give something a little extra special!
Verified Buyer
Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket
By Dawn from Orlando, Florida from on 4/19/2013
This is the softest, most well wearing blanket I've ever come across. This is absolute go to gift for those who I cherish most when having a baby. The more it's used and washed, the softer it gets. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Pros: - Very, very soft and only gets softer as it ages. Cons: - I wish it came in lavender.
Verified Buyer
O my gosh their awesome
By Sami kay from Chicago, Illinois from on 10/13/2012
i got a white one as a baby shower gift and after a good 3 months i bought 2 more (pink of course) i use one for in the car one for home and the 3rd for a spare for when one is in the wash because i air dry them as much as possible. their still soft as the first day and i have yet to see them need any stitching and my little girl puts those blankets threw hell. stains also come out fairly easy with the material Pros: - soft, durable, multi-use, easy to clean, good size for years of use Cons: - wish i could get one in a queen size lol
Verified Buyer
most comfortable ever
By cindy from california from on 9/10/2012
wonderful, fluffy, and ultra soft blanket. I would buy over and over Both my boys (17 mths and 3 yrs) take these everywhere as lovies. Pros: - softness, size Cons: - cannot dry in the dryer or the softness goes away
Verified Buyer
Perfect Baby Blanket
By Rachael from Charlotte , NC from on 8/22/2012
My favorite baby blanket ever (and I've purchased many blankets)! I first bought this as a gift and this time around it's for my own little guy! He loves it and i have a feeling I am going to need another to make sure we always have one around. You can't go wrong with this blanket... So worth the money!! Once again, thank you to What She Buys for another great experience and fast free shipping!! Pros: - Everything Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
Best Baby Blanket
By Jenn from Altoona,Pennsylvania from on 6/29/2012
I purchased the Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket for my soon to be here grand daughter Isabella. All 3 of my children had as we call the "Woobies" or security blankets as babies that they still have, keep in mind my kids are 25, 22 and 11.. No they don't carry them around , the point is I wanted my grandchild to have her very own "Woobie" and I wanted it to be the softest I could find for her new baby skin... Enter this blanket.. It is like a cloud and made beautifully.. The only down sides to this blanket is price and it cannot be machine dried to keep it's soft fluffiness, so I believe I'll be purchasing another. You cannot go wrong with this blanket ! Pros: - The quality , soft and silky, corners are tightly stitched and no fraying anywhere. The colors are gorgeous in person. I got the pink and although it's not a bright pink, it is much pinker in person, and the softness is WAY beyond what you could hope for. Worth every penny I promise ! Cons: - The price is the #1 problem for me, but with proper care, it will last forever.
#2 problem I have is only that it can't be machine dried, so baby would be without the blanket until it line dries..Cost again comes into play with wanting a second one for back-up .
Verified Buyer
Great Gift
By Doris from Denver, CO from on 3/13/2012
I purchased this as a gift and was very satisfied with this decision. Great website! I was pleased with the free shipping and the quickness of delivery. I'll be back. Pros: - high quality
Verified Buyer
So Cozy
By Erica from Tequesta, Florida from on 3/3/2012
I gave these blankets to my niece, now 8 years old, and nephew, now 6 years old when they were born. They still sleep with them every night. Now, my sister is unexpectedly pregnant again, and in tradition, I bought one for the baby on the way. I know she will cherish it just as her big sister and brother have. Pros: - Super soft
Verified Buyer
Love, love, love!!!
By Junemom from Houston, TX from on 2/17/2012
This is probably the eigth one I have purchased for my family and friends! My girls love how soft this blanket is! They sleep with it every night! Pros: - Soft, great size for little ones Cons: - none
Verified Buyer
Sooooo cozy!
By KJ from Seattle, WA from on 12/20/2011
I LOVE this blanket....I have burgundy for my daughter and navy blue (denim) for my son. They are their favorite blankets...super soft and cozy! My daughter is almost 3 and hers still looks brand-new!
Verified Buyer
Beautiful blanket.so plush
By kathy from raleigh nc from on 10/23/2011
Beautiful blanket..so soft and I love the fact that it comes in a great variety of colors

Service was excellent
Love the free shipping
Verified Buyer
BEST gift!
By Suzanne from Scottsdale from on 6/22/2011
My son has had his blanket, pillow and large blanket now for almost 7 years! Has held up superbly and I often give this (and larger sizes for adults or older children) as gifts to RAVE reviews! Highly recommend!!
Verified Buyer
Soft and Cozy as ever!
By Mie Mie Pat from Mahwah, NJ from on 5/19/2011
My niece is still carrying hers around after almost 4 years so when I got an invitation for a baby shower this was my go-to-gift. I would suggest not to get it gift wrapped as it does not come in a box it came in wrapped tissue paper, very nicely done, which gave the appearance of a bag with a bow on top. This wasn't the best presentation for the loveliness of the item and squashed in the nap and the giraffe ribbon around the blanket. After 24 hours everything fluffed up again. This combined with Sophie makes a great gift. Super fast shipping.
Verified Buyer
Best baby blanket ever!
By Kathy from Tulsa, OK from on 5/9/2011
I have purchased many of these blankets for baby gifts, and every new mother adores them! They are soooo soft and cuddly.
Verified Buyer
***MOST awesome baby blanket***
By saraferd from The Woodlands, TX from on 4/18/2011
I have purchased several of these blankets for baby gifts, they are soft and cozy and always get RAVE reviews. Blankets launder beautifully and retain their softness without getting nappy. Pros: - Hi end blanket appearance for reasonable price.
Verified Buyer
soft and beautiful
By margaret from st marys point, MN from on 4/8/2011
I have purchased 4 Little Giraffe Chenille Blankets from Whatshebuys. Always prompt in their service and the quality was alway excellent! Another grandchild is due next week and as soon as he or she is born I will again order a blanket. Pros: - So soft and also beautiful. My grandchildren use it for years. The oldest is almost 7 and the blanket, although quit worn, is still nice.
Verified Buyer
Best baby gift!
By Laura from New York, NY from on 4/6/2011
This is the best baby gift and has been my "go-to" gift for years. Super soft and comfortable, most of the babies i know continue to use it as their blankie in toddler years.
Verified Buyer
Review for Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket
By Pam from on 1/14/2011
These blankets are the best! Both of my children have had them since birth. They never sleep or travel without them. I give the small version as baby gifts.
Verified Buyer
Review for Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket
By Anonymous from on 11/22/2010
These ARE the softest blankets ever. I love giving them as baby gifts, they always become the favorite "blankey." I wish they made children's bathrobes too (with a hood!) Then my grandkids could wear their blankeys every day.
Verified Buyer
Review for Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket
By Anonymous from on 11/13/2010
These are the softest blankets ever! My son still sleeps with the two he got as a baby - and he is 5. I even bought a adult size one for my husband a few years ago, and now we fight over it all the time. These blankets are so soft and so warm.