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Little Giraffe Chenille Throw


Wrap yourself in simply the best: introducing the Little Giraffe Chenille Throw. These unbelievably plush blankets will pamper you in unmatched luxury for years to come. Available in soft-toned pastels and gorgeous earth-tones, each throw is machine washable and guaranteed to never pill or shrink. Luxurious AND easy to care for? Go ahead - with Little Giraffe, you can have your cake, and eat it too.


  • Size: 45" x 59"
  • Fabric: Chenille front, chenille back and a satin picture frame border.


Little Giraffe was founded with the mission of creating the most luxurious, modern and exclusive baby apparel on the market. Each product was designed with minimalist style, featuring lush, playful colors and prints. With a comittment to quality, Little Giraffe products are crafted using only the highest quality fabrics and ultra soft finishes. After their huge success and due to popular demand, the company launched their home collection to offer products for adults and families. From adorable giraffes plush toys for the little ones to oversized throws for YOU, Little Giraffe has everything you need to cuddle up in comfort with the ones you love the most.  

Little Giraffe Chenille Throw Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Best Blanket!!!
By Jen from Norwalk, CT from on 1/8/2015
At our household we have many many Little Giraffe Blankets. This was my Christmas gift and I will use it everyday. This blanket is the perfect size and is incredibly soft. Pros: - Made extremely well and the weight of the blanket is amazing. Cons: - I don't dislike anything about this item other than it took forever to get to me. Shipping was over a week!
Verified Buyer
By Jay from , from on 2/18/2013
Wonderful selection of colors for such a plush blanket, but way too expensive for a blanket. My grandmother bought me this and I love it, but I don't think I would ever buy this myself. Pros: - Wide, thick, and very plush Cons: - Expensive
Verified Buyer
The best of the best in throws! however...
By Kim from Northern KY from on 12/18/2011
The cost of the throw is high enough, having to add shipping on top of that makes it a very expensive pleasure. If there is a need to return you have to pay the return shipping also.
It is a wonderful soft throw that washes nicely and will last a long time. Pros: - Soft and cozy Cons: - nothing about the item. Would not recommend to a friend b/c of the added shipping costs.
Verified Buyer
Big disappointment
By Sue B from Cobb, California from on 10/13/2011
I have an older Little Giraffe Chenille blanket which is starting to show signs of wear...I love my old blanket the color (Garnet) is beautiful the weight of the blanket superb...the new blanket I purchased is a huge disappointment...The color again is beautiful...but the weight of the blanket leaves a whole lot to be desired...Little Giraffe used to use a double thickness...not anymore I'll never buy another one that's for sure Pros: - The color Cons: - Still expensive and with only half the material as the old blankets Merchant Response:
Verified Buyer
Review for Little Giraffe Chenille Throw
By Andrew Silverman from on 1/10/2010
This is by far the softest blanket I have ever owned!
Verified Buyer
Review for Little Giraffe Chenille Throw
By Rhonda Gunnell from on 12/27/2008
Timely delivery, excellent product.